Blue Light Card – Discount for Emergency Services

blue light card

Are you an Emergency Service Worker? Or do you know somebody who is? Then the Blue Light Card discount scheme is worth checking out.

Blue Light Card

I’m sure that the vast majority of us appreciate the work that is done by our Emergency Service Workers. Having worked closely with them before due to my job and with family members previously in the Police Force, I’m well aware of the hard work they put in.

With Public Sector wage increases capped at 1% again, it means that in real terms, their wages have decreased over the last seven years. So, the Blue Light Card could help in cutting their costs.

Who is eligible?

This scheme isn’t just for the Emergency Services. It’s available to anyone who works for the following:

-4×4 Response -Ambulance Service -Army -Blood Bikes -Cave Rescue -Emergency Response Unit -Fire Service -First Responders -Highways Agency -HM Coastguard -HM Prison Service -Independent Lifeboats -Lowland Search and Rescue -Lowland Search and Rescue -Marines -MOD Civil Servant -MOD Fire Service -MOD Police -Mountain Rescue -Navy -NHS -Police -RAF -Red Cross -RNLI -Search and Rescue -Second Line Responders -St Andrews Ambulance -St John Ambulance -UK Border Agency

Yes, you read that right – UK Border Agency. I’m not sure what kind of emergency you would call them out on, but I’m sure they’re not complaining.

How much does it cost and what discounts are there?

It is free to register which is always great. Then, if you want to redeem an offer online, you are either given a code or have to click through to the retailer via the Blue Light site. If you want to shop on the high street, then you will need to purchase a card. This costs £4.99 but will last five years.

There are loads of discounts available, and far too many to list here. Some of the major brands, such as Apple, are part of this scheme. That’s quite amazing in itself, as Apple never seem keen on giving you money off. You can also get money off at restaurants such as Frankie and Benny’s, 50% off at Domino’s, days out including Alton Towers, holidays with Thomas Cook and Haven and many, many shopping outlets. Nearly anything you want, you should be able to find some sort of discount through the Blue Light Card.

I would love to provide a breakdown of all the retailers included, but they are always subject to change. However, there are usually several hundred listed.

If you want to sign up and find out the complete list then head over to their official site.

Or, why not take a look at a paid alternative with the CSSC? For less than £4 per month, you could be eligible for free entry into English Heritage sites, a free taste card membership and lots of other discounts.

And if you do qualify for a Blue Light Card, you probably qualify for a free tax rebate for washing your uniform, which could be worth £100’s.


Deal rating 8/10. Not for everyone (obviously), but definitely worth signing up for if you’re eligible as they have some great discounts on offer.

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