moneymaking scams

Tips For Spotting Moneymaking Scams

In Money Warnings by Money Saver Pete

Look almost anywhere on the internet, and you’ll find promises that you can make a fortune in a short amount of time. But how can you tell which are the moneymaking scams?

Moneymaking scams

Most of us dream of a better life. Often this involves either earning extra money or being able to give up your day job and working for yourself. With that in mind, there are many people or companies out there willing to take advantage of our dreams. Here are a few tips on how to avoid moneymaking scams.

The dream

To start with, the scammer will often sell you the “dream”. They will ask you to imagine certain scenarios, such as how it will feel to earn a six figure salary, to own your own home, to drive a sports car etc. This is to get you thinking about how much better your life could be. Once they’ve got your interest, they will move on to stroking your ego.

Only you can do this

The scammer will make out that this “work” isn’t for everyone. They will say things such “you will need a computer”, “you must be able to work more than 10 hours per week”, or “you need to be motivated”. You’re made to feel that if you sign up, you’re already far better than everyone else. The fact is, anybody will qualify – they just want your money.

A limited time offer

Scammers don’t want you to sit around and think about their offer. The chances are, if you talk to a friend about the opportunity, they will talk you out of it. No, they will want your contact details straight away. Once they have an email address or phone number, they can start bombarding you with messages. So they will tell you that this offer is only open to the first 10 people to reply, or that you have to reply within a few hours.

Fake reviews

Some scams will have their own pages on the internet. To reassure you that they are genuine, there will often be comments and reviews of the product/service at the bottom of the page. It will either be people saying how much money they’ve made or saying they will be giving it a go. These comments will usually look like Facebook posts and will all be posted within a few days of each other. There will also be a box for you to leave a comment. However, this will have actually been disabled and it’s only there to make it look like you can have a say.

Not knowing what you’re signing up for

If you’ve read a money making page, read it again and you still don’t understand how it works, then there’s a chance it’s one of these moneymaking scams. The schemes usually tell you how easy it is and how much money you can make, but they don’t tell you what it involves you doing.

Never send money

If you do sign up to a site, whatever you do, don’t send money. If you should be making £10,000 every month, why on earth would a company want £250 from you? I have reviewed lots of money making sites, and not one of them asks you to send them money.

Remember that saying from when you were a kid? If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find any get quick rich schemes. And ask yourself, if you did, would you share your scheme with every stranger on the internet?

Trust your gut instinct. If you’re not sure on something or it doesn’t sound quite right, avoid. Or at least get a second opinion from somebody else first.

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