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£100 Amazon Voucher For Lloyds And Halifax Customers For Just £15

If you’re a banking customer for either Lloyds or Halifax, see how you can get your hands on a £100 Amazon voucher for taking out life insurance. And see why it cost you as little as £15.

£100 Amazon voucher for £15
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Please note that this offer has now ended.

I’m generally untrusting of any company that offers free gift cards, mainly because you know it will cost you in the long run. But occasionally (and I do mean occasionally), there’s an offer that is just too good to turn down.

And Lloyds and Halifax both have an offer that could see you make a tidy profit.

What’s the deal?

A £100 Amazon gift card when you take out a life insurance policy.

How does it work?

Log into your Lloyds or Halifax banking app or website and click on the ‘apply’ button. This is usually at the bottom of the app or on the right menu on the website. Next, select ‘Your Life Insurance options’.

Then, it’s a case of getting a quote. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes and will involve questions about your health – your bank will already have your personal details. Once filled in, as long as you’re eligible, you’ll be taken to a quote page.

Under Life Cover, just fill in the cover amount as £5,000 and the length of cover as 5 years.

You should then get a warning message saying that the minimum monthly cost is £5.

Click ‘change’ and you’ll get your new quote.

For me, £5 per month for 5 years gave me £39,122 worth of cover. Then, choose ‘Add Cover’ and fill out your bank details for your direct debit.

insurance for £5

When you can expect your Amazon voucher?

Within 30 days of your third monthly premium payment, you’ll receive an email or letter with your gift card.

So, in total, it could be around 4 months before you receive your voucher.

Don’t forget to cancel

Once your gift card arrives, just cancel your cover. Unless you think your cover is good value for money.

Does this work for credit card customers?

I only have a credit card with Halifax, but this still allowed me to apply for cover. I needed to use another bank account for my direct debit.

Can I apply for more than one voucher?

No, it’s strictly one voucher per person. So even if you have a Lloyds and Halifax account, you’ll only be able to receive one voucher.

When does the offer end?

The offer is available between 28 September 2021 and 11 January 2022. However, it could be withdrawn at any time, especially if the banks figure out that everybody is taking out the cheapest cover possible.

Anything to look out for?

If you have anything but a non-eventful medical history, then your quote will probably be far more than £5 per month. You’ll then have to decide how much you are willing to pay before you think that a £100 gift card is worthwhile.

And if you like the idea of shopping with Amazon, take a look at my post on how to earn free Amazon gift cards.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.