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20 Cogs Review – A Free £200?

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If you’re on the hunt for another way to earn money from home, take a look at this 20 Cogs review to see why you won’t earn quite as much as they claim.

I actually joined 20 Cogs around a year ago. I looked around, thought it was a waste of time and gave up.

But then, I saw it being heavily promoted across social media and decided to give it another go. After all, 20 Cogs claim that on average, members earn just over £200. And who can turn down free money?

Who is 20 Cogs?

20 Cogs is owned by Technology Submission Limited, a British company based in Kent and incorporated back in 2002. Interestingly, this company also owns OhMyDosh, which offers a similar way to make money.

Taken from their website:

20Cogs is a really simple way of earning some easy money from the comfort of your home, or on your mobile on the move.

When you sign up you will be presented with 20 Cogs which are filled with Competitions, Offers, Games and Surveys from the UK’s top brands such as a Free Trial with Amazon Prime or a SimplyCook taster box.

Every Cog has lots of offers to choose from. All you need to do is complete one offer on each Cog (or more if you want!). Once all 20 Cogs have turned green, you can cash out your reward money!

20 cogs

The good

Signing up to various trials is often quite an easy money maker. Companies are keen to promote their products and offer generous commissions when you take out a new service.

The fact that you can only cash out when you have reached 20 means that you earn a decent lump sum.

A few of the trials that I signed up for didn’t track, but it was a fairly easy process putting in a claim. You just need to create a ticket, send a screenshot or two and 20 Cogs does the rest.

The bad

A few weeks after rejoining 20 Cogs, I remembered why I hadn’t bothered in the 1st place. Completing 20 different Cogs can be quite an effort.

There are some easy (and perhaps mundane) trials on offer, such as joining Which? for a month or a free trial with Amazon music.

However, a lot of the Cogs involve joining some kind of gambling site, whether that’s a casino, bookie, lottery or bingo site. If you don’t gamble, it could take a long time before you complete all your Cogs.

Another issue is if you’ve completed any of these offers before. I have made quite a bit of money from matched betting previously, which means I have signed up to nearly all betting sites in the past. There were a number of Cogs not available to me.

You aren’t guaranteed to make money from every Cog either. Take a look at this toucanBox. My first box would be free and I would earn £2 into my 20 Cogs account. However, postage would cost £2.95, meaning that I would actually lose money.

I’m sure that the box is very good, but it’s not something I’m interested in or want to spend money on.

The Cogs can take up to 30 days before they payout, so it’s not the quickest of money makers.

And don’t forget, a lot of these Cogs are free trials which will charge you after a certain period. That means you need to set yourself a reminder to cancel them.

The money

After around three months of work, my Cogs were worth a total of £127.45. Not bad, but still a fair way short of £200.

But more importantly, how much did I need to pay out?

Gambling sites were the biggest cost at just over £24. Yes, I suppose you might not always lose money, but most of us do. Plus, there were a few other costs, mainly relating to contact lenses and shaving. In total, I spent £32.93.

That meant that my overall profit came to £94.52.

Once you’ve completed all your Cogs and can withdraw, you can either do so using bank transfer or PayPal. Payments take place three times per week, so you shouldn’t have to wait long. It took just under one day for my money to reach my PayPal account when I withdrew on a Tuesday.

20 cogs earnings

My 20 Cogs review conclusion

I’m a little on the fence with this site. Yes, this is money for fairly little effort, even if it’s not as much as you might first expect. But having to get through 20 offers is a bit of a slog. Especially when there are sites such as Swagbucks that allow you to complete the offers on a one-off basis.

You also need to be willing to sign-up to a lot of gambling and casino sites. Otherwise, this probably won’t be worth your while.

If you do join, I would be surprised if you could complete two rounds of Cogs in one year.

And remember, payment from these offers aren’t always guaranteed. I would be very careful about spending £20 at a casino that promised to give me £25 cashback. If they decide against it, you could lose a fair whack.

20 cogs offers

If you want to join 20 Cogs, then click on the button below. Please note that it contains an affiliate link, and I will earn money if you complete all your Cogs.

Join 20 Cogs >>

If my 20 Cogs review hasn’t convinced you, why not take a look at my post about 10 ways to make money on the side?

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