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About me

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My name is Pete (I’m the one on the right), I’m in my 40’s (just) and I love money saving. I’m married to Sharon and have three children aged 11, 10, and 7. I have the incredibly exciting life of a Civil Servant whilst my wife works from home as a childminder. Our house is never quiet which is a real pleasure after I’ve finished a night shift!

We live in the South East and have done so all our lives. In November 2011 we moved to our dream home. It was at the very top of our budget, but after receiving some inheritance money we thought it was worthwhile.  Things were going swimmingly for six months as Sharon was able to work more as our youngest had reached 18 months old.

Why I started money saving

Then the unthinkable happened… In May 2012 Sharon told me she was pregnant! After blaming Sharon for being so careless but being impressed by my own potency, it hit home that we were going to struggle as she had to cut down on work yet again. Although I joke about Sharon being careless (probably), times became tough the following year and I saw my credit card balance increasing whilst my bank account went the opposite direction. This was a wake-up call for me to go on a one-man crusade to cut as many bills as I could – a money-saving crusade. I trawled through forums, various sites, and spoke to family and friends to collate as much info as possible. Eventually, I was able to cut my outgoings from between around £200-£300 each month as well as earning a fair bit extra from surveys and mystery shopping.

In more recent times I have found myself giving money-saving advice to family and friends (wanted or not) on the best deals that I could find. Sadly, I quite enjoy the subject so thought I would write a blog and give tips to a wider audience.

I hope that the blog will eventually bring in some extra money so that I can stop working nights. The main challenge is not to “sell out” though. In one of my first posts, I reviewed one company and gave them an average score. When I approached them for an affiliate link they declined as my review wasn’t positive enough. I spent the next few days umming and ahhing whether to change the review but decided against it. I hope to continue on this road, but would never say no to a gentle reminder from someone if I post anything contrary to this!

Well, if I lose my integrity, at least I have my looks…

Anyway, even if I only help one person from my blog, then I could have spent all these hours doing something more worthwhile!

You can find out a bit more about me from some of the articles I have been featured in. Take a look at this article in the Sun or this one from the Mail Online.

Visit here to get started and happy money saving!

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