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Beer52 review: Is it worth subscribing?

If you’re a beer lover or know somebody who is, why not have a selection of high quality beers sent straight to the door every month? Well, if it tickles your fancy, then take a look at this Beer52 review to see what you can expect and whether it’s a great way to try some amazing craft beers.

Beer52 review
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I’m quite a fan of subscription boxes. Partly because they often have great offers for new customers, but also because it means that I get to try new food and drink that I would never have thought of. From gin clubs to meal kits, each one has something different to offer.

And the latest one to catch my eye was Beer25. With the chance to try different craft beers, this was a subscription service I couldn’t turn down.

What is Beer52?

Beer52 is the UK’s No.1 Craft Beer Club. Created back in 2013, they will send you a selection of hand-picked craft beers every month. You can choose between light beers only or a mix of both light and dark beers. Along with your box of beer, you’ll also have some little snacks thrown in.

But if you think that’ having beers delivered each month is a little too often, you can opt for a delivery every 2 or 3 months. There’s no minimum subscription, so you can cancel at any time.

Alternatively, if you get through your beers far quicker, you can request to have your next delivery far sooner.

There is also an online shop to buy beers directly if you don’t want to subscribe.

How much does Beer52 cost?

The cost depends on the subscription you choose. 8 beers will cost you £27, 10 beers cost £32 and 12 beers for £37. Postage is included in the price, and you will be charged every 28 days.

You can take out a month’s trial, and you’ll be sent 8 beers for half-price.

Loyalty points

You can earn loyalty points as a reward for your repeat custom with Beer25. For every subscription you receive, you’ll be given 100 points. You’ll also earn extra points when you review a beer or the magazine you are sent and for referring friends. You can use your points to put towards the cost of anything you buy in their beer shop, with 100 points being worth £1.

My first box

Of course, you can’t review a subscription box without trying it out first. So, with a heavy heart, I went about the difficult job of drinking 8 beers. Although not all at once.

I made my first order on the 3rd of the month, with delivery taking just over a week. My Beer52 box arrived safe and well, and inside I found:

  • Five Points Best London Brew
  • Sabro City Limits DIPA
  • Mosaic & Citra Yuzu IPA
  • Two Chefs Brewing Wetland Haze
  • Wicklow Wolf Elevation Pale Ale
  • TwoTribes Metroland New York City
  • Dogma Brewery Miss Quince Ale
  • Brick Brewery Simcoe & Eukanot Pale
  • Indulge Corn Sticks
  • Cheese snacks
  • Ferment magazine

There was quite a mixture of different beers here, with alcohol content ranging from 4.1% up to 7.5%. Some I really enjoyed, but a couple I hope never darken my doorstep again. My first beer, The Miss Quince Ale really didn’t do it for me, mainly because I’m not a fan of a beer that’s too fruity. I was far more drawn to Best, which had a more bitter taste. But then that’s the beauty of these kinds of subscription boxes – there should be something for everyone.

The Indulge snacks were certainly nice. But then, at around £1 per pack, they are aimed towards the premium end of the market.

The magazine was a decent read, with many hours of reading. It gives you a good background into the brewing companies as well as tasting notes and plenty of articles about all things beer-related. It even tells you the temperatures you should enjoy your beers. But how I get a beer to 9 degrees without constantly checking my fridge, I have no idea.

one of my beers

Refer a friend

Beer52 has quite a (semi) generous referral programme. If a friend joins using your link, you’ll receive 40 loyalty points and a free case of beer. Your friend will get 50% off their first case of beer. Although that’s good for you, your friend should be able to find a better deal where they only have to pay postage for their first case, which saves them quite a bit more.

How easy is it to cancel Beer52?

Until now, I had been quite happy with how my Beer52 subscription had gone. It was all pretty easy and getting 8 beers at the discounted price was a bargain. But one of the main tests of a company is how they react when it comes to cancelling.

The first signs were quite good. I just followed a link on the website which asked me why I wanted to cancel. I was offered a discount if I carried on subscribing, but I declined. Then, expecting a ‘your membership is cancelled’ confirmation, I was surprised (and annoyed) to see that the only way to cancel was by phone.

Now, I really hate companies that do this. Why can everything be controlled online, except for the cancellation? Well, we all know that they hope that having to make the phone call would put you off. But not me.

However, my phone call wasn’t very successful. After 15 minutes of waiting, I was still held in a queue. And I’m not a very patient person when having to call companies. So, I checked the Beer52 Facebook page and saw that other members had been complaining about not being able to get through either. Beer52 did explain that their lines were busier than usual, although I’m sure they would be much quieter if people could cancel online.

They did go on to explain that you could actually cancel through social media or by email, so I’m not sure why that’s not listed on their site. And after a quick email, I received confirmation that my membership had been cancelled the following day.

What other people say

I always like to take a look at other people’s opinions on a service when I’m writing my reviews. Over on Trustpilot, Beer52 scores an excellent 4.4 out of 5. Positive reviews praise the choices of interesting beers, fast delivery and the excellent service they have received. On the negative side, some customers complain of never receiving their delivery and having issues when it came to cancelling.

My Beer52 review conclusion

Is a subscription to Beer52 worth it? At over £3 per beer, it’s not the cheapest way to drink, but then that’s not what it’s all about. If you wanted that, you would pop into the local supermarket and pick up the cheapest stuff they had. Beer52 is all about trying some real artisan beers from different breweries and broadening your horizons.

There’s a good chance that you’re going to find some new favourite beers in one of your monthly deliveries. And don’t forget the loyalty programme, which goes some way to giving you a decent discount.

The only downside was the cancellation process, which was quite frustrating. There’s no excuse as to why you shouldn’t be able to start and end a subscription just through the touch of a button.

Despite this, the Beer52 craft beer club is ideal for any beer drinker. It also makes a great Christmas present for a friend or family member.

But if you’re still on the fence, then why not take out a half-price trial box of 8 beers? Click on the button below to get started.

Please note that I paid for this membership box myself and all views are my own.

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Wednesday 8th of February 2023

"There’s no minimum subscription so you can cancel at any time." - not true. I paid for a trial subscription and was then surprised to be sent another pack one month later despite not asking for it. They also debited my credit card. They said I hadn't read the T&C which I had. I am awaiting dispute resolution with my credit card operator. I have asked them several times to stop emailing me but I still get 2-3 emails per week. A totally dis-reputable outfit. Do not use.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.