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Branded Surveys Review (Formerly MintVine)

In Survey Sites by Money Saver Pete

Looking to earn a little extra in your free time? Then sign up to MintVine and get paid for giving your opinion.
Most of us get at least a few minutes spare every day. So why not put that time to good use and earn a bit extra?

Why Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys has been around for several years, although they recently rebranded from MintVine.

Earning rewards is very easy to do. Signing up is simple and you can earn 100 points in just five minutes. You can then earn some extra by filling in some profile questions and earn even more points by answering a quick daily poll. Then, it’s time to start tackling some proper surveys.

The good

Like some other survey sites, Branded Surveys award you with points rather than cash. Earn 1000 points and you have enough to withdraw $10. You have the choice of withdrawing by PayPal or by voucher. There’s a decent enough choice of vouchers that include Amazon, iTunes, Tesco and several more. And complete the daily poll 10 days in a row for a 25 point bonus.

The bad

Branded Surveys reward you in points. They aren’t the only site to do this, but I think doing this often makes it harder to see how much a survey is really worth.

I also don’t think the surveys pay quite as well as some other sites.

The money

There are plenty of surveys available, but how many points you earn seems to vary wildly. I have completed surveys that pay 20 points for 12 minutes work, and then completed another survey in 3 minutes for 40 points. On average, expect to earn around £4-5 per hour.

Payment should reach you within 3-5 working days.

Because you are paid in US dollars, it does mean that the amount you receive in £s can vary depending on the exchange rate.



I recommend that you allow Branded Surveys to email you when surveys are available so you don’t miss out on any potential earnings. You can easily turn this off it ever becomes an annoyance.


Is it worth it?

Just like every other survey site out there, Branded Surveys won’t make you rich. However, you will be able to make enough over a few months to cover some of your Christmas presents.

Follow this link to sign up and earn your first 100 points in just 5 minutes

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