British Passport Price Increase – How To Beat It

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british passport price increase

A British passport price increase has been announced. find out how much will it set you back and see how you can beat it.

Another day, another price increase. This time, it’s passports that are taking the battering.

Now if I may, I might jump to the government’s defence slightly. Our passports are fairly expensive compared to many others, but, this isn’t all down to profiteering. Passports contain a lot of security features, and the more you have, the more a passport costs. And the British passport has a lot more security features compared to some of its counterparts. In theory, that should make this country safer and more secure…

Plus, passports are actually printed by a private firm called De La Rue. Believe it or not, this French-sounding company is actually British. However, they can charge high prices because there are only a handful of companies around the globe that can actually print passports.

But I’m sure none of that provides you with any comfort when forking out your hard earned cash.

When will it happen?

The price increase for a British passport has been announced for 27th March 2018.

How much is the passport price increase?
Application Type Cost Now From 27th March % Increase
Adult Online Application £72.50 £75.50 4%
Adult Postal Application £72.50 £85 17%
Child Online Application £46 £49 7%
Child Postal Application £46 £58.50 27%
Adult Fast-Track £103 £142 38%
Adult Premium £128 £177 38%
What does it mean?
If you make an online application, then the increase from the 27th March won’t break the bank. A family of 4 will only pay out £12 extra. However, postal applications will cost the same family £50 more. It looks like that the government is trying to push the public away from the postal system and wants to move everything online.
And if you need a passport in a hurry… well, it’s going to cost you a lot more!
Any tips for beating the passport price rise?

Many people aren’t aware that you can carry 9 months over from your old passport to your new one. Effectively, this means that you can have a passport valid for a total of 10 years and 9 months.
For example, if your current passport expires 1st September 2018 and you renew now, your new passport will not expire until 1st September 2028.

Visit the government website to find out more or to apply for a renewal. And remember to make sure you are using the official government website. There are websites out there that look official but all they do is act as a guide and charge you a small fee for the pleasure.

And if you’re going away this year, why not take a look at the Halifax Clarity card as a cheap and easy way to exchange money.

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