BT Customers – Stop Nuisance Calls for Free.

stop nuisance calls

Want to stop nuisance calls? BT customers can now stop them for free.

Fed up with nuisance calls?

We all know nuisance calls make us angry. I suffer that anger every time I call my parents to ask for money. But over the last six months or so, the number of calls I’ve received seems to have increased drastically. NO – I do not want £3000 cashback on recycling my windows. NO – I do not want my oven professionally cleaned. And NO – I have not got a virus on my computer and the only way to clear it is by handing control of my machine over to a man named Clive who has a thick Indian accent.

I don’t use my landline often, but have it here in case of emergencies so can’t ignore it. Until now, you either had to pay around £100 for a Truecall box, or just under £50 for a phone like this from Amazon. To be honest, it has been a little disappointing that phone companies haven’t done more to ease our pain. That is until now!

BT has introduced the imaginatively named BT Call Protect for all their customers. And how much does it cost? Nothing! That’s right, finally something for free. All you need to do is sign into your account to register using your postcode and phone number. Within about 30 minutes, you should get a confirmation email telling you that you are registered.

What does it do?

From the BT website “We continually monitor for the worst nuisance call offenders and once we’ve identified them, we will automatically divert them for you.”
On top of this, you can stop all international calls, all withheld number calls, all unrecognised number calls and also add any individual numbers – in my parent’s case, my number.  All these call types will go straight into junk voicemail.

Dialling 1572 from your home phone allows you to access your junk voicemail and allows you to manage your account.  Alternatively, you can access your account and change your settings online after logging in.

If you want to register then follow the link here. Or click here for more details.