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Bulb Referral Code Helped Save Me £100’s Off My Energy Bill

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Switching your energy supplier is an easy way to save money. Take a look at how, with the help of a Bulb referral code, I saved hundreds and you could make massive savings too.

Where would we be without electricity? No spam emails, no annoying blind bag videos on YouTube (one for the parents) and no ABBA. Yes, life would be pretty sweet. Unfortunately, it’s here now and there’s no avoiding it. But instead of spending a fortune, why not switch to a better deal?

I switch regularly and one company that is often near the top of the comparison sites for the best price is Bulb Energy. This year it came out top for me, so I finally thought I would give them a try.

Who is Bulb Energy?

Bulb is fairly new to the energy market, having only started in 2015. However, they’ve come a long way over such a short period. They’re gradually increasing their market share and in 2018 they received 5 out of 5 stars for customer service in a uSwitch survey. You can also feel better about yourself by switching to Bulb Energy – they use 100% renewable electricity as well as 10% biomethane gas which means it’s better for the environment.

And Bulb Energy has a couple of advantages over all the big providers. They have just 1 tariff which means you don’t have to constantly worry about whether the deal you’re on is the best one for you. Also, there are no exit fees if you decide to leave. If you have enough of Bulb or just find a better deal, you can change suppliers without having to pay a charge.

bulb referral

Is it difficult to switch?

Not at all. In some cases, it will take just a few minutes. You just need your address and bank details. Even if you don’t know how much energy you use, Bulb can estimate it for you by using the size of your house. It’s best if you have a bill from your current supplier with your annual usage, as this will give you a more accurate figure, but it isn’t essential. Your switch will usually be complete within 3 weeks.

Save even more money with a Bulb referral code

Fortunately, on my search for a new energy supplier, I had heard about how Bulb allows you to refer a friend. This little beauty not only gives the person that refers me £50 credit towards their bill, but it also gives me £50 off too! So, in total, we saved £100 between us! If you become a member, you too can refer a friend to Bulb and receive a £50 credit to your account. And you can recommend as many people as you like.

What if my current supplier charges exit fees?

Often, if you have a fixed contract with an energy company, you will be charged a fee to leave early. But if that’s the case, Bulb will refund fees up to the value of £120 (£60 per fuel).

What are my total savings?

According to Bulb Energy, I will save £229 over the year. This figure does need to be taken with a pinch of salt though. The figures quoted assume that I would go onto First Utility’s (my current provider) standard tariff. I would have actually swapped to one of First Utility’s discounted tariffs, but this was still £130 more expensive than Bulb. With the £50 Bulb referral, I was still looking at a £180 saving.

Any downsides?

With saving money, of course not! Although, I do have a smart meter with First Utility that will no longer be smart. But I don’t think smart meters are that useful anyway…

If you want to see how much you can save, click on the image below. And if you decide to switch, we both receive £50!

Bulb referral code

Please note that all opinions are my own and not associated with Bulb.

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  1. I am very pleased with my Bulb subscription. Great company and amazing customer service. It is painless to switch. Bulb will also pay your exit fee for existing energy provider.

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