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Cash Generator – Good Value Or Avoid?

Cash Generator is a pawnbroker that has over 200 stores across the UK. But do they provide good value for their customers?

Unfortunately, it seems that more and more of us are getting into debt. This means that it’s becoming more important for us to find a bargain. And paying up-front isn’t always possible, so sometimes it’s helpful to find a store that offers a flexible payment plan. So I try to keep my eye open for stores that offer decent value. After my not so glamorous review of BrightHouse, I decided to take a look at another major chain – Cash Generator to see if their products were more fairly priced.

Why choose Cash Generator?

Opening their first store in Bolton in 1994, Cash Generator grew quickly in popularity which soon saw them opening stores across the UK. In 2011 alone, they managed to open 29 new franchise store and by May 2015, they had proved so successful, they opened their 223rd store.

They offer both new and second-hand products. All products are tested before being sold and if you’re not happy with your item, you can return it in its original condition, penalty free within 14 days (7 days if you purchased in-store).

Can you pay in installments?

Yes. However, you aren’t given long. You can pay 20% upfront and then pay the rest over anything up to 12 weeks. This is nowhere near as long as you will be given with BrightHouse, but you won’t be charged any interest or fees.

Are they expensive?

No. In fact, there are some real gems in there. Take a look at the table below:

Cash GeneratorBrightHouseTesco
Apple Ipad Pro 9.7 32GB£499.99£764.99£549
Samsung Galaxy S7£349.99 (EE)£634.86 (Vodafone)£499 (SIM free)

New items from Cash Generator are limited as they primarily deal with second-hand goods, but as you can see, the items they do have are far cheaper than BrightHouse and even Tesco.

Do they pay well for your goods?

As they provide goods at fairly low prices, don’t expect to get a great deal of money for anything you sell to them. To get the best price, it’s usually advisable to sell your items privately through an auction site like eBay or on Facebook.

But if you can’t be bothered with the hassle of buyers potentially letting you down, Cash Generator is an option to consider. And to make things easier, they are generally able to value your item online.

There is also an option that if you’re in desperate need for some short term cash, then you can sell your items and buy them back within 28 days. However, if possible, I would recommend against doing this as it’s never great value to you.

Are they worth using?

Definitely. As always, make sure you shop around to find the best price, but Cash Generator is worth visiting. When it comes to selling though, I would seriously consider listing your items privately. Take a look at my post about selling your mobile phone for some tips.

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