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Five Cheap Gift Ideas For Him this Christmas

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Struggling buying presents for the man in your life? Take a look at these cheap gift ideas for him this Christmas.

I’m not sure about you, but as the years go on, I find it harder to choose what I want for Christmas and what I buy for other people. In our house, if we need something, we generally buy it throughout the year. That means, come Christmas time, we end up buying each other fairly pointless gifts.

However, I have made a list of cheap gift ideas for him. These are items that I find particularly useful that you may never even know existed, and all cost less than £16 each. Click on the images for further details.

1. Razor Pit

razor pit




This little beauty could save a lot of money. The Razor Pit is a clever device that cleans the gunk from your razor. This keeps the blade cleaner and sharper and can make the blade last up to 150 shaves.

2. Car Dehumidifier 

car dehumidifier




If you’re a car driver, you’ll know the pain of getting in your car on a winter’s morning and waiting for the windscreen to clear. And then you think it’s clear, you drive off, and it mists up again. This small pillow helps beat that. Placed in the back of your car, it soaks up all the moisture to stop the misting issue. And once the pillow is full, you place it in the microwave and it’s fine to use again.

3. Soundasleep Pillow

soundasleep pillow






I love listening to music or audiobooks before I go to sleep. The problem is, headphones tend to be a little uncomfortable. A speaker pillow is a great solution. The pillow has a tiny speaker built-in which you can only hear when your ear is next to it. The recipient of this pillow will be able to listen in comfort without anyone else hearing.

4. Battery Case

Phone case







Although mobile phones are always improving, battery life doesn’t seem to. If you know a heavy phone user, I’m sure they are getting fed up with taking a charger out with them. One excellent solution is a battery case. Similar to a normal phone case, this doesn’t just protect the phone, it charges it too from a simple press of a button.

Make sure you know the make and model of the phone before you buy the case.

5. Boot Buddy

boot buddy




If you have a partner or child that wears boots playing sports, you’ll know what a pain in the a$$ it is to clean them. The boot buddy was featured on Dragon’s Den and makes boot cleaning so much simpler. This gift will make the recipient’s life so much easier. Unless it’s you that cleans their boots… in which case, they’ll never notice.

Hopefully, this list will make it slightly easier for you when looking for cheap gift ideas for him this Christmas

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