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ClixSense Review – A Decent Earner From Home?

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Looking for a survey site that will earn you a decent income? Take a look at this ClixSense review to see what you can expect to earn.

Fed up with your day job? Or just looking to earn a bit extra in your spare time? Then one of the easiest ways is by completing online surveys you don’t even have to move from your chair. But some sites pay better than others, so the question is, is ClixSense worth your time?

Who is ClixSense?

Taken from their website: is an online rewards website for those looking to earn extra money from all over the world. Founded in 2007, as a paid-to-click website, ClixSense has since changed its business model and has become an industry leader in providing an easy way for its members to earn extra money from multiple sources. ClixSense has paid out more than $32 million to its members and continues to grow.

Starting in 2012, ClixSense began providing quality market research through its multiple market research partners and has since grown to be one of the top-quality providers according to Lucid, a global marketplace for market research sample based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

ClixSense offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online with unlimited earnings potential. Affiliates can earn commissions whenever their direct referrals complete surveys, simple tasks and other offers.

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The good

ClixSense has some well-paid surveys and plenty available. Not only that, but there are options to get paid for completing small jobs (through a company called Figure Eight) and you can also earn for signing up for trials. For example, you could join Cornerstone (a shave club) and get paid $4. These trials aren’t exclusive to ClixSense but certainly worth considering.

ClixSense also offers a referral scheme. Get your friends and family to sign up and you can earn when they do.


The bad

There are a lot of surveys that require you to be in some kind of senior management role. Being honest, I don’t know many people who manage in large financial organisations, but I guess people that earn £100k+ every year won’t be completing surveys for $1.

Although I filled out my profile as best I could, I did find that I didn’t qualify for a lot of surveys that were on offer to me. It can be quite frustrating to click through 25 surveys only to be told that you don’t qualify.

You can also earn money by entering competitions. However, these are things like $500 Amazon gift cards, which are notorious for being a con. I would avoid doing this as you end up having to give a lot of personal details away and you have no idea where they end up.


The money

Pay is quite inconsistent for ClixSense. For example, a 3-minute survey could pay $0.80, whilst a 20-minute survey could pay $0.67.

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On average though, surveys are quite well paid compared to some other sites, so expect to earn around £6-7 per hour.

Payout options are a little limited. If you want cash, you will need to do this through a Payoneer card (no, I haven’t heard of it before either) which will set you back $2. This prepaid card allows you to withdraw money from banks or cash machines. Or you can use Skrill. This is something I have used before, but it’s not quite as simple as PayPal. If you decide to use Skrill, you will be charged a 1% fee.

Or you can use something called Tango card. This allows you to convert your earnings into digital gift cards (such as Amazon) for free. My card took 3 days to arrive by email after my order.

My ClixSense review conclusion

Pay is fairly decent from ClixSense. However, there’s no getting over the fact that it can be an absolute pain being thrown out of survey after survey. I’m still going to persevere with the site though, as you can find the odd gem.

Click on the banner below to visit the ClixSense site.


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