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Code Kingdoms Review. Is It Worth The Money?

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Looking for a brighter future for your kids? Perhaps coding could be the answer? Take a look at this Code Kingdoms review to see how I fell at the first hurdle.

A few weeks back I was reading the news and saw an article on Elon Musk. For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Musk is the owner of Tesla and a very rich man. According to the news story I read, he had started computer programming at the age of 12. And with me being the father of a 9, 8 and 5-year old I had £ signs in my eyes. All of them love computer games, so getting them to code or programme could be my answer to early retirement.

And as fate would have it, a few days later I saw an advert on Facebook for a company called Code Kingdoms. They promised to help teach my child to code with either Minecraft or Roblox. So, with the promise of early retirement looming, I decided to sign-up.

code kingdoms review

Are Code Kingdoms any good?

This was my first issue. There were very few Code Kingdoms reviews about. A few other bloggers had written about it, but as some of these received commission if I signed up using their link, I was a little dubious.


Usually, without reviews or a friend’s recommendation, I would give companies a wide birth but today I was feeling a little more risque. Plus, Code Kingdoms promised a 30-day money back guarantee and gave me the option to pay by PayPal. It seemed like a chance worth taking.

The cost

First of all, Code Kingdoms seems reasonably priced. You can subscribe either monthly, yearly or you can even take out a lifetime subscription. Plus the monthly and annual subscription can be cancelled at any time. If you have one child, you can pay for a single subscription or a family subscription if you have several people interested in coding.

Because all of my children showed an interest in coding, I decided to opt for the family option. The yearly subscription cost me £39.99, which was a reduction of the usual cost of £59.99. This was due to a “Back to School Sale”, although I’m not sure how often these sales come about.

Code Kingdoms in action

I would happily pay far more for this kind of course if it meant my children all grew up to be computer whizz-kids. So the proof in the pudding was how my kids coped with it. I had visions of hours of peace as my kids improved their minds and worked towards their new career.

I signed up, logged in and passed the computer to my 8-year old George. Off I went, put the football on to enjoy an afternoon of peace. 5 minutes later I heard “Dad, how do I do this?” With a deep sigh, I went to the rescue. The only problem being that I couldn’t help. The issue we had is that we couldn’t connect Minecraft (from George’s tablet) to the Code Kingdoms’ server. I followed the FAQ’s, but that didn’t solve the issue.

Asking for help

So, this is often where you can find out how good or bad a company is. I made an immediate trip to the chat section to ask what I was doing wrong. Unfortunately, the chat option only allows you to send a message and you then wait several hours for a reply.

Later that afternoon, we were contacted by an employee called Hugh who apologised for the issues and offered several options, such as an extended money-back guarantee, 33% discount or a switch to Roblox. However, there wasn’t any advice on how to actually connect to the server!

After several more emails, Hugh told me that if I purchased the Minecraft PC edition, he would refund the cost. I thought about it for a little while but wasn’t convinced that this would work either. Plus, I use my computer for blogging, so didn’t want to pass it over to George for extended periods.

Hugh also offered to personally help to connect us to the server and said he would be available the next day at any time. So, the following day I sent a message to Code Kingdoms and said I was ready… only for somebody called Andrew to reply to me several hours later who just directed me to the FAQ’s. Arrgghhh!

By now, I had reached the end of my patience. I contacted Code Kingdoms again, and a refund was issued immediately.

code kingdoms review

So it appears from that last message from Code Kingdoms, that it wasn’t my fault. For once.

My Code Kingdoms review conclusion

I love the idea what they’re trying to achieve, I really do. It means that children can spend time doing things that they enjoy and learn at the same time.

Unfortunately, there are a few problems that need ironing out too.

With all that said, the staff were always polite and they issued me a refund without issue. If you’re unsure whether to sign up to Code Kingdoms, I wouldn’t let this review put you off too much. All you have to lose is some of your time.

But a tip to Code Kingdoms – please set up a live chat option!

Visit the Code Kingdoms site to find out more.

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