How to Find a Cheap iPhone 8, With Over 20% Off

cheap iphone 8

Looking for a cheap iPhone 8? Follow this guide and you will save over 20%

This year Apple decided to release not one, but two iPhones. The 8 and the hotly anticipated X. Both are great phones, so we are left to decide which is the best option. Of course, most of us will want the better model, but there is a slight sticking point. At the cost of £1000, is the X really worth it?

I’m going to stick my neck out and say no. As much as I love iPhones, I’m not willing to spend so much on such a small item.

The 64GB iPhone 8 will set you back a more reasonable £699 (I never thought I would consider that price reasonable).

How to save over 20% has a great offer on at the moment.

1. Buy an Apple product £159+ on 12 months Buy Now Pay Later (excluding iPhone X).

2. By entering MDRMW in the promo code box at checkout your item will be put on 12 months Buy Now Pay Later automatically. We’ll then credit 20% of the item price back to your account by 28th December 2017 or the dispatch date, whichever is later. We’ll email you when we have applied the credit to your account.

So, spend £699 and you will receive almost £140 back at the end of December. In total, you will end up spending just £559.20 on your iPhone 8 64GB.

Opt for the 8 Plus at £799 and you will receive £159.80 back. That means an iPhone 8 Plus for £639.20.

And more savings

Before you make your purchase, head over to Quidco, and if you haven’t done so already, sign-up. Search for Very and make your purchase through their link. At the moment, you will receive an extra 5% back, although this will decrease from the 17th November.

Two important points
  1. This offer ends at midnight on the 23rd November, so you don’t have much time.
  2. Remember to pay off the phone within 12 months. Otherwise, you will start paying interest.
Is it worth it?

Yes. It’s very unlikely that you will find a better deal than this. This is the 1st cheap iPhone 8 deal I’ve seen, and there won’t be many others about. Go over to Quidco as soon as you can.

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