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Download a Free Audiobook with Audible

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Are you a fan of books, but have trouble finding the time to read. Or do you struggle to get to sleep at night because your mind wanders? Then try downloading a free audiobook.

Download a free audiobook
An audiobook?

If you haven’t heard of them before an audiobook is exactly as it sounds – a book read out aloud to you. The beauty is that you can listen when doing housework, travelling or watching your kid’s nativity play.

I listen to audiobooks before I go to sleep at night. I always have trouble winding down as I am constantly thinking about the great questions in life, such as is the moon made out of cheese and will JLS ever get back together? Strangely, I find that listening to an audiobook helps me concentrate so I don’t think too much and this helps me fall asleep far quicker. I’ve even invested in this pillow. It beats having earphones, and because of where the speaker is positioned, my wife can’t hear it when it’s turned on.

Is it complicated to do?

Not at all. You just download the Audible app onto your phone. Then when you purchase a book through the Audible site, you click on the app, and you can start your download.

What kind of books?

All sorts. Nearly all the major titles have been converted into audio. And it really does add a whole new dimension when the narrator brings the book to life.

Audiobooks can also help you learn too. If you fancy acquiring a new skill such as a second language, it enables you to do this when you’re out and about.

How much does it cost?

If you’re new to Audible, you can sign up for a free month’s trial. This will entitle you to one credit, which can be exchanged for an audiobook. When the free trial ends you can continue your subscription for £7.99 per month which will gain you a monthly credit. Just under £8 is quite a good price when you consider how much a new book will cost in the shops. You can also purchase extra audiobooks, but prices vary from book to book.

A selection of my books. I haven’t got very far in learning French!

Is it a pain cancelling?

Nope. Just log into your account and click the cancel button. It will take a minute at most and you get to keep your free audiobook! Audible is actually owned by Amazon, so you can gain access through your Amazon account.

A little tip

If you enjoy your membership (and I’m sure you will), have a look at cancelling. Every time I have, I’ve been offered a discounted rate to carry on my subscription. This can be another free audiobook, or several months access for a discounted price.

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