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british gas

British Gas are offering customers a chance to have free electricity for a set period every week. But the question is, is it worthwhile?

British Gas

british gas

Free – my favourite word. You offer something for free, and normally i’ll bite your hand off. But free things sometimes come at a cost…

With energy prices on the rise again, it’s important to look for the best deal on the market. British Gas isn’t always the cheapest provider, but this is a fairly unique offer, and certainly worth a look at.

What is on offer?

You get to choose one day at the weekend which will give you free electricity between 9am-5pm. So, if you spend every Sunday at home doing chores and watching TV, then that will be the day for you. But if you spend your Sunday out with family, Saturday would be the better choice.

What do I need to do?

Simply sign up to one of British Gas’ Dual Fuel FreeTime tariffs and have a smart meter installed (it’s free). Then agree to manage your account on-line and you’re ready to go.

Is it worth it?

This really depends on your lifestyle. The standing charge (the amount you pay each day regardless of usage) is 26.01 per day, which is more than most other tariffs.  The unit rate (how much you pay when using) is 12.39 per kWh, which isn’t horrendous.

According to British Gas “How much you save is up to you – and will depend on the electricity you use.  In our 2014 trial of 1,184 customers, 13% saved over £100 a year while the average customer saved £60 when compared to our Standard rate tariff. The average £60 saving during the trial equates to an 11% saving on annual consumption, which we use to calculate your Personal Projection”.

I think this tariff would be most suited to working couples or single people that work during the week. They will then be able to leave the majority of housework until their nominated “free day”.

As a family of five, this wouldn’t be practical for us. Our washing machine is on almost every day and we spend a lot of our weekends out and about, so we certainly wouldn’t make any savings. However, if you’re in the market for swapping tariffs, this certainly is worth considering.

If you want to find out more about the tariff, then follow my link here.

Alternatively, if you want to find out more about swapping energy providers, please take a look at my page here.


Deal rating 6/10. Useful for some, but not all.

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