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Free Money UK – Apps And Sites That Make You Cash

I was always told that there’s no such thing as free money. But in fact, there are plenty of apps and ways you can make money with very little effort. Take a look at some of the best options for UK users.

free money uk

A selection of the best free money UK methods discussed below:

  • Curve – a way to combine all your cards into one and get paid £5
  • MobileXpression – earn £10 in 2 weeks by installing this app onto your phone
  • Oval Money – monitor all your accounts from one app… and get paid £5
  • Octopus Energy – switch your energy supply to Octopus for £50 worth of credit
  • Gener8 Ads – installed onto your computer, earn money when you see ads
  • Storewards – get paid for taking photos of your receipts
  • OnePulse – answer shorts surveys and get paid

How to find free money

If you’re a social media user, you’ve probably seen lots of promises of making a fortune or ways to find free cash. And all you have to do is send a complete stranger some money just to get you started. Well, avoid! There are plenty of ways to make extra money without you having to give it away in the first place.

Many of the methods below you can complete from your phone, although there are some decent earners from your computer too.

No spend, little effort

Companies love to attract new customers (sometimes at the expense of us that stay loyal). And what better way to do it than to offer a cash incentive? Generally, these are great free money earners and don’t require any commitment from you.

Free £5 for Curve

Curve is an account that allows you to combine all your spending cards into one. You will then be sent a physical card that can take the place of all others in your wallet or purse. From the Curve app, you can change which bank or credit card you want to use when you make a payment and if you use the wrong card, you can use the ‘Go Back in Time’ feature and switch at a later date.

Curve also offers cashback for for new users and great exchange rates when you travel. It’s free to use, although there is a subscription option if you want some added benefits.

And the best thing? You get a £5 bonus for joining and making your first purchase. Just use the promo code DGP8V49D when you sign up.

£5 from Oval Money

Have you ever thought that you need a bit of extra help with managing your money? Oval is a free app that helps you to track your spending and also helps you put some extra money aside. You can do this by clicking a button or use some of the clever technology that comes with Oval. For example, you can tell the app to transfer a set amount of money every time you take 10,000 steps. A way to get fit and save!

And if you fancy taking it a step further (pardon the pun), you can also start investing the money you save with Oval.

Use my promo code PCVMV8U when you join and once you’ve made 6 automatic saves, you’ll earn a bonus £5.

£50 from Octopus Energy

Many of us pay far too much for energy, mainly due to the fact that we don’t shop around. But switching your gas and electricity supplier is very simple and takes no more than 15 minutes. Switching to Octopus Energy saved me almost £200 per year in energy costs, plus I got an extra £50 credit to my account.

If you join Octopus using my link, you too will get a £50 credit, plus, you can earn £50 extra for every friend that you refer.

octopus energy free money?

Software for your computer and phone

How would you like to earn a bit of free money just by letting a programme run in the background of your phone or computer? It shouldn’t interfere with your usage of the device and is easy money.


Monitoring people’s use of the internet gives invaluable insights to companies and gives a good indicator of what users enjoy, dislike or just plain hate. MobileXpression is an app that you can download to your phone (iPhone or Android) that will do just that. The information collected is then sold on to marketing companies.

You may be slightly concerned about your privacy, but MobileXpression claims that it never has access to your personal files (such as videos, photos, messages and emails) and that the information they pass on is not personally identifiable.

In the first 2 weeks, you can earn £10 for having the app installed. Occasionally, new users can earn £20, but this depends if there are any offers available. After that, you’ll earn £5 per month, which isn’t quite so impressive. You’re free to leave at any time though.


We are now at the point where the vast majority of us have broadband or fibre running in our homes. And many people don’t use it to its full advantage which means a lot of bandwidth goes unused. But what if there was a way you could share this and get paid for your troubles too?

This is where Honeygain steps in. Just download it onto one of your devices, either Windows, Android or macOS and the software goes to work. Each day you will earn credits, which can then be converted into $. You can also earn $5 just for signing up.

Honeygain hasn’t been a big earner for me, although this may be partly due to the fact that my internet connection is fairly slow and constantly in use by my family.

Gener8 Ads

Like them or not, ads are everywhere. Often, they’re a necessary evil and I have even installed them onto my site so I can pay for hosting and security.

But what if I told you that you could be the one that earns from seeing ads? Gener8 works by taking your details and interests and then showing you ads from companies they think you may be interested in. Then, the company pays Gener8, who then pass on rewards to you.

You will need to install the Gener8 Ads software onto your computer. Then, for every ad that you see, you will earn tokens. These tokens can then be exchanged for all kinds of rewards, including gift cards, electronics and clothing.

In total, I earn £5 – £10 per month. However, heavy internet users/browsers can earn more. The only real issue I have with Gener8 Ads is that their rewards are only available in limited numbers. They become available at set times and are given on a first come, first served basis.

gener8 ads

Receipt apps

Another great free money maker for UK residents. Similar to the interest with regards to your internet habits, companies are also keen to know what you spend your money on. And there’s no better way of keeping track of your purchases than through photos of your receipts.

There are plenty of apps available, and below are some of the best for you to consider. And remember, you can submit the same receipt to different apps.


Storewards was introduced in 2020 after Receipt Hog was withdrawn in the UK. Simple to use, just download it to your Apple or Android device. Then, when you have a receipt, just take a photo and you’ll earn coins. You can then exchange these coins for Amazon vouchers or cash through PayPal.

You can also earn extra points by referring friends, logging in each day and moving up levels as you snap more receipts.

Use the code 2ia03 when you join for a points bonus.


This receipt app works in a similar way to Storewards. However, an added benefit is that you can earn points from sending your e-receipts from retailers such as Amazon. You will also receive points for completing short surveys which will earn you scratchcards. Scratchcards can earn you a potential bonus of up to 50 points… and sometimes, nothing.

When you have enough points, they can be exchanged for Amazon, iTunes or Love2Shop vouchers or PayPal.

Use the promo code 7IRN5UVK when you join for bonus points.


This receipt app works slightly differently, as SnapMyEats is only interested in food. Each time you purchase a meal or any kind of food, just take a photo through the SnapMyEats app. When you take 5 photos, you’ll earn £1 with a maximum of £5 per month.

Rewards can be exchanged for vouchers at Amazon, Caffè Nero, Great British Pub, Harvester, iTunes UK, M&S and Pizza Express.

There is one issue with this app though. You can only take and submit one photo, which means it’s no good for double-sided or long receipts.


A receipt app that wants to know all about your supermarket shopping. You’ll earn 5 points when you submit a receipt from one of the major supermarkets, or 10 points if it’s an online shop you send by email. You will also receive surveys for bonus points and every few months, you can download something called ‘Snapshot’ onto your computer. This allows HuYu to see your recent browsing history and will earn you an extra 150 points.

When you reach 500 points, you can exchange them for a £5 Amazon voucher.


Yet another receipt app, but this one accepts receipts from most retailers. You are rewarded with coins for each receipt submitted and they can then be exchanged for Amazon vouchers or entries into prize draws.

Logging in each day will earn you bonus coins and scanning receipts will move you up levels, which will earn you even more coins.

One downside to Shopprize though… it’s only available for Android devices. Apple users miss out I’m afraid.


Last, but not least for receipt scanning apps comes ZipZero. Again, as long as the photo you upload is of a printed receipt, it doesn’t matter the store it comes from. You will be paid 0.5% for each receipt submitted which is added to your ZipZero account.

When it comes to making payment, your account needs to be linked to a utility bill such as your council tax or your energy account. When you withdraw, any money you have earned will go towards paying that bill.


This is slightly different to the apps above. Shopmium provides you with a range of discounts for specific products at the main supermarkets in the UK. Once you’ve installed the app, just select your supermarket of choice and see what offers are available. Sometimes, this can be just 20 pence off, other times, you can get free products!

Once you’ve made your purchase, you just need to photograph your receipt and scan the barcode. Within a couple of days, your cashback should be confirmed and will paid straight into your bank account.

There is also a referral scheme on offer which will earn you £3 when a friend joins. Plus, they will get a free product.

If you fancy joining, then use the promo code AMUAFFUR for a free gift (currently a pack of Pringles).



I hope that, by now, you’re fully aware of the benefits of cashback sites. It’s a very simple process and can earn you £100’s each year, just by clicking on a link before you shop.


Probably my favourite of all the cashback sites, generally because it pays the most. The only issue is, remembering to use it. And if you find that you’re a little bit forgetful, you can even install an extension to your browser so it reminds you when there is cashback available. Refer your friends to TopCashback and you can earn yourself an extra bonus.

You can withdraw your earnings straight into your bank account, or in vouchers which will earn you a bonus. In total, I have earned over £3,200 from this site alone.


Quidco works in exactly the same way as TopCashback. Although I find rates can be a little lower, you will sometimes find special offers making it a better option compared to TopCashback. That’s why I recommend that people join both sites and check the cashback rates on offer before making a purchase. Quidco also has a referral programme, giving you the chance to earn more.

Airtime Rewards

This is probably the easiest of the cashaback options because once you’ve set it up, you can just forget about it. Download the Airtime Rewards app to your phone and then link your credit and/or debit cards. When you make a purchase through one of the listed retailers, cashback is automatically added to your account.

The money takes around 6 weeks to clear and then you can withdraw. The only drawback? Your earnings can only be used towards your mobile phone bill. And although nearly all the major phone companies are listed, a couple are missing. Typically, I am with Sky Mobile and I can’t use Airtime Rewards with them. Instead, I have to pay off my wife’s phone bill. Disappointing.

The stores that you can earn change, but some that are usually included:

  • Argos
  • Boots
  • Clarks
  • Groupon
  • Halfords
  • Primark
  • Wilko

After you become a member, you can also share your referral code with friends and earn extra. You get 50 pence for every person you recommend and an extra £1 if they spend within the first 7 days.

Use the code 8YXY4BLK when you join for an extra 50 pence.

Survey sites

One of the best ways if you live in the UK to make free money is by completing surveys. If you search for my income reports, you can see that I regularly make £500+ per month from these alone. The issue is, finding the best-paying sites, whilst avoiding scams. Fortunately, I’ve listed some of my trusted sites.

Panelbase – £3 on joining

This is a great site to ease you into survey taking. Surveys are decently paid and as long as you keep your profile up to date, you will only be sent those that are suitable for you. That means you won’t spend 10 minutes filling in questions, only to be told you don’t qualify.

You can also get the chance to test products, new apps or join panels that give you more ways to earn.

You can withdraw the money you make straight to your bank account or with Love2shop vouchers. Earn £3 just for joining!

Prolific Academic

Probably the best paying survey site going. Prolific hosts surveys mainly from universities and other academic institutions. That means that the surveys are often more interesting and as the money doesn’t come from a company, they are a bit more generous. The only issue is, you have to be quick, space is limited and surveys fill up quickly.

When you reach £5, you can withdraw the cash instantly into your PayPal account.


What if I told you that OnePulse pays you around 30 pence per survey? You probably wouldn’t be that impressed. But what wins it with OnePulse is that the surveys are usually 3 questions and take just a few seconds.

Just download the app, fill out your interests and wait for the Pulses to come. There are two types – XP Pulses and Money Pulses. XP allows you to move up levels which means you earn more. Money Pulses are the only ones that you earn money from.

Once you reach $20 (OnePulse uses $), you can withdraw instantly to PayPal. Available for both Android and Apple.


Another way to make some money with very little effort. VYPR wants to know your opinion and feelings on certain products… just choose the one you prefer. For each choice you make, you are given points. Once you hit 10,000, you can withdraw £5 straight into your PayPal account. Very easy to do and available for both Android and Apple devices.

OnePoll – £2.50

Another survey site ideal for busy lives. OnePoll offers very short surveys that pay between 10 pence and £1. Usually, they shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes and the majority are multiple choice answers. You can use your computer or an app from your phone to earn, and you can withdraw once you reach £40. For more established members, this drops to £25.

There is a also a referral scheme which could earn you up to £2.50 for each friend that joins.

onepoll - free money UK


This is an app that allows you to earn points from short surveys that can then be converted to Amazon vouchers. Answer quick, 1 question polls created by Appinio or other users and you’ll move up levels, which means you earn more.

Refer your friends to earn bonus points.

Sign up using the below button and use the referral code: 1543be


If answering traditional surveys isn’t your thing, then maybe the Streetbees app might be of more interest? Streetbees is interested about you, your day and how you live.

‘Stories’ will appear on your app about certain topics. Select the story that you think you can answer and the app will send you a series of messages – just like having a chat through Messenger. And within a few days, your reward will be paid automatically into your PayPal account.

Some stories can involve a bit more action. There are opportunities to do a spot of mystery shopping in places such as supermarkets and pubs. These, of course, pay far more than your casual chat.

Use the referral code 7850SP when you join.

20 Cogs

This is a slightly different way to make money compared to the above. With 20 Cogs, you complete various tasks that pay you varying amounts, and when you reach 20, you can withdraw your earnings. Tasks include:

  • Taking out free trials
  • Signing up to paid subscriptions
  • Joining bingo/gambling/lottery sites

You don’t have to spend money with this site, but you will get through it much quicker if you do. 20 Cogs claim that the average user makes around £200 from their first payout, although mine was around half of that. It will take you a little time before you reach your first 20 tasks though.

Use the button below get a £5 bonus when you join.

When you should be careful of free money

As I said at the top of this post, you always have to keep an eye out for scams when it comes to the promise of free money. A few things to look out for:

  • People holding lots of cash in a photo
  • People standing next to flash cars
  • Somebody stood in a luxury hotel or villa
  • A promise that you can make £1000’s from home each week with little effort

These kinds of things are there to grab your attention and draw you in. If life really was that easy, we would all be doing it. The only reason somebody is telling you is because they hope to make money from you.

There are other schemes out there that won’t make you big money, but you still need to be careful of. And they may not be outright scams, but could cost you in other ways. If a company offers a generous referral bonus, it’s worth digging deeper. Two such schemes I have written about elsewhere on this site are:


They pay you for the unused texts from your mobile phone plan each month. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The problem was, they weren’t very clear about how they made their money. But after a couple of months, users started to see their contracts terminated by their phone companies for breach of contract. Always do your homework. Just because others say it’s legit, it doesn’t mean it is.

Mofono offered £5 for every referral you made.


Again, Stratsol weren’t overly clear on how they made their money. However, they use something called matched betting. Now, matched betting is actually a great way to make money and is legal. But Stratsol wanted to do it on your behalf. They give you £100 and then need to copies of your identity to open accounts with various bookies to make bets on your behalf. If that doesn’t sound potentially dodgy to you, then I don’t know what does. You have no idea who these people are, so don’t sell of your identity to them.

Stratsol offered £50 for every referral you made.

Both Stratsol and Mofono are still operating, but I think it’s important that you don’t automatically think that free money comes without consequences.

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