Free Subway Sandwich for National Sandwich Day

If you use the Subway app, you will qualify for a free Subway sandwich to celebrate National Sandwich Day.

The 3rd of November marks National Sandwich Day. Yes. Really. Is there anything we don’t celebrate…

Anyway, the good news is Subway is offering a free 6-inch Sub to their customers.

How do I claim?

Take a look at your Subway app. You’ll notice that you’ll have had 500 points added which are the equivalent to a 6-inch Sub. Then pop into your nearest Subway store, order the Sub of your choice and use the app to pay.

However, these points will disappear by midnight on the 3rd, so use them quickly.

And a little bonus

Not only do you qualify for a free Sub, for every Sub sold, Subway will donate 5p to FareShare. FareShare has 20 regional centres across the UK who focus on providing nutritious meals to vulnerable people. This is a very worthwhile cause.

Don’t have the app?

If you don’t have the app, then unfortunately you won’t be able to claim a free sub. But it’s certainly worth downloading for future offers. Plus, every time you shop at Subway, you’ll be rewarded with loyalty points.

  1. Earn 100 points for a free drink
  2. Earn 200 points for a free snack
  3. Earn 500 points for a free 6-inch Sub
  4. Earn 1000 points for a free 12-inch subway

You can also gain bonus points if you join a SUBSQUAD (who thinks of these names?) If you make a purchase within 4 hours of a squad member, you get an extra 50 points.

You can download the Subcard app for Apple here.

Or for your android device from here.

Now let’s hope they introduce a National Car Day. I’ll race you for a free one.

If fast food is your thing, take a look at other money saving opportunities.


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