Free 6-inch Subway This Valentine’s Day

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free 6-inch subway

Subway is at it again. Find out how to get your free 6-inch Subway this Valentine’s day.

Those of you will remember that last year, Subway offered a free sub to customers on Valentine’s day. Then, on the 3rd of November, they offered another free 6-inch sub to mark National Sandwich Day (yes, that is a thing).

Well, they’re at it again this Valentine’s day and offering another free sub. Are they the most generous sandwich chain out there? Probably not, but they still taste great.

How do I claim?

Simple. Just pop down to your local Subway and purchase a six-inch sub. Then you get another one for free. What could be more romantic than six inches on Valentine’s day?

Terms and conditions
  • Buy one 6-inch, get one FREE.
  • One per person, per visit and the cheaper 6-inch will be free.
  • Does not include footlongs or salads.
  • Standard meal deal/add a drink upcharge will apply to one Sub only (the one paid for). Additional drinks and extras can be purchased at the standard price point.
  • Discount excludes: Double meat, double cheese, any other offers or discounts, including LBOBs etc.

Mainland UK are running this deal between 11:00-19:00, Northern Ireland will run it from open to close.
As always, participation may vary.


Download the app

If you don’t have it already, it’s certainly worth downloading the app. Every time you shop at Subway, you’ll be rewarded with loyalty points.

  1. Earn 100 points for a free drink
  2. Earn 200 points for a free snack
  3. Earn 500 points for a free 6-inch Sub
  4. Earn 1000 points for a free 12-inch subway

You can also gain bonus points if you join a SUBSQUAD (who thinks of these names?) If you make a purchase within 4 hours of a squad member, you get an extra 50 points.

You can download the Subcard app for Apple here.

Or for your android device from here.


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