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GiftHulk Review. Better Look Elsewhere

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Looking for a decent way to make extra money? Then take a look at this GiftHulk review to see how much you can expect to earn. Or possibly not in my case.

What if I told you that you could earn cash or vouchers from watching videos, answering surveys, searching the web or playing games? It probably sounds quite good, right?

Receiving money for anything you can do from your sofa always appeals to me. But I have found that some sites require a lot of effort for little reward. Like most survey sites, I had read differing reviews of GiftHulk, so decided to give them a try for myself.

The good

There are various ways to earn with GiftHulk, which can make a nice change from completing surveys. But, if surveys are your thing, then there are plenty available. Earning Hulk coins through playing games is simple and will only take you a few seconds to do.

Gifthulk also sets you a daily goal target and if you meet this goal every day for a week, you receive even more Hulk coins. Gifthulk also has an “Offers Wall”. This is where you can sign up for trials, special offers or you can download apps and earn coins for your troubles. Some can be very well paid, without costing you a penny.

There is also an added incentive to earn more Hulk coins as you can reach new levels. Each level you move up gives you the chance to earn more coins through their guess the card game and you can redeem your rewards faster.
gifthulk review

GiftHulk also has quite a generous referral scheme. When friends and family sign up, you can earn 5% of all their earnings!

The bad

Although I’ve filled in quite a lot of profile questions, I still find that I am often chucked out of surveys fairly early. The main issue I find with GiftHulk surveys is that the best-paid surveys are aimed at people who work in the business world.

That means you click on a very tempting survey only to be kicked out after a few questions. Fortunately, you are awarded with Hulk coins for the first 3 surveys you are thrown out of.

Watching videos and playing games don’t earn you many coins though, so you really need to rely on surveys if you want a decent return.

One bugbear I have is that whilst browsing the site, I often receive notifications that somebody has earned coins from completing a task from the Offers Wall.

The fact is, I couldn’t care less. And another thing with regards to the Offers Wall… some of the offers you need to be wary of. You’ll be awarded coins for entering competitions but you never really know who is using your data. My advice would be that if you decide to try and earn coins this way, that you don’t use your real details.

And the major downside… I could not get GiftHulk to payout. I made 3 orders over a period of 3 months, and not one paid out. And this led to another problem. GiftHulk uses a ticketing system if you want to get hold of them but they never answered. So my effort over this period was a complete waste of time.

gifthulk scam?

The money

If they did pay me… these sites are always hard to price-up with regards to how much you can earn per hour. As I said above, you can earn bonuses, so putting in more hours will see you earning a better hourly rate.

The number of coins you receive for completing a survey can vary wildly. Try to be picky with the surveys you try to complete. With all the faffing around with surveys, combined with other ways of earning, expect to earn around £5 per hour.

Your gift card or PayPal payment will reach you within 5 business days, or you can speed it along for a small fee.

So, is GiftHulk a scam?

I’m reluctant to scream scam when it comes to GiftHulk. The fact is, they’ve been operating for years and I know there are plenty of people that use them without issue. However, there are also a number of people that complain on the GiftHulk Facebook page that they haven’t been paid. And GiftHulk never reply.

My GiftHulk review conclusion

I just can’t recommend them. If I can’t get payment from them, then it was a complete waste of time. I would recommend you take a look at Swagbucks, which I’ve never had a problem with.

If you want to chance it, visit the Gifthulk site to find out more or join.

However, if my GiftHulk review hasn’t convinced you, then take a look at my top paying survey sites.

Please note that this post contains an affiliate link. However, (I’m sure you can tell) all views are my own.

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