Great offer on Home Insurance from Nationwide

Home insurance
Looking for a good deal on your home insurance? Then try Nationwide for a decent deal.
Please note this offer is currently unavailable.

Home insuranceHands up anybody who has made a claim on their home insurance. And keep your hands up if that claim came about because you lost your wedding ring two days into your honeymoon. Anybody else?

Do you really need home insurance?
Whether you own or rent, it is always best to have home contents insurance. If a disaster was to strike your home, without cover you could be left with nothing.
And if you own your own home, buildings insurance is even more important. If your house burnt down, without insurance you could be left with nothing – except possibly a mortgage and no house!


As with most insurance products, it’s always best to shop around and get the best cover suitable for you. I no longer take out accidental cover as the extra cost wasn’t worth it for me. It may be worth taking out extra cover for personal possessions for items such as phones, but some banks offer you cover for these items in their packaged accounts.
One company I use regularly for home insurance is Nationwide. One of the main reasons is due to the fact that my wife is a childminder. Many insurance companies do not cover you if you run a business from home but Nationwide state in their T&C’s
(Your home)
  • Is not used for business purposes other than paperwork, telephone calls, child minding and computer work.

Because of this, they tend to offer me the cheapest price. However, at the moment there are a couple of offers you can take advantage of to get even better value.


What else do you get?
Visit the Nationwide site through Quidco (more here), and you qualify for £35 cashback. However, also check Topcashback as the cashback amount often changes. But that is not all. On top of this Nationwide are also offering a £30 Amazon voucher if you sign up before 31/03/17 (T&C’s here).
Now, if you look through their T&C’s, it does say that the Amazon voucher cannot be combined with any other offer (i.e. Quidco). However, I took out my Insurance at the beginning of November and my cashback has been confirmed and I received my voucher last week.
So, the cost of my insurance for the year came to £140. With the Amazon voucher and the cashback, the total cost came to just £75!

As I said earlier, make sure that you shop around. Try some of the comparison sites such as GoCompare, but certainly take into consideration the offer from Nationwide.


Deal rating 7/10. A great deal if you receive the voucher and cashback.