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Household Money Saving

Welcome to Household Money Saving

A recent survey discovered that a quarter of UK households have less than £100 in savings. So I hope that this blog will help to change that by saving you money on your bills. Not only that, there will be ways to earn extra from home and I will also be pointing out any bargains, vouchers or deals. I have spent the last couple of years telling friends and family how they can save money and now the time has come to reach a wider audience and hopefully people that aren’t quite so bored of me….

This site isn’t about living frugally. It’s about saving money with minimal effort

household money saving tips

We will look at saving money on your energy bills, broadband, mobile phones and much more. Plus, we’ll look at how to earn a bit extra, including survey sites, mystery shopping and swapping bank accounts. Take a look through the menu bar at the top for more information, and not only can you earn yourself an extra £200+ a month, you can cut bills by even more.

Is it difficult?

Not at all. Many of the things you’ll find on this blog are very easy to do. Cutting your bills normally involves a few minutes preparation time, then 20 minutes on the internet searching and completing your details.

What kind of savings can I expect?

If you haven’t changed providers for a while, then you could see some massive savings. From one phone call and a couple of online applications, you could save this much every year:

Energy bills between £100-£450

Pay TV up to £500

Broadband up to £200

That could be close to £1000 saved from not much more than an hour’s work.

Imagine if you saved this much from your 20’s until retirement and that would be over £40,000!

Can I make much money?

Without too much effort, you should be able to make well over £2000 each year. And if you decided to enter the world of Matched Betting, you could easily double this figure. And I haven’t even started on earning money from cashback sites…

There are no get-quick-rich schemes, but sign-up to the right sites and you could start earning a decent amount from your sofa.


I will also keep you updated if any tempting discounts or shopping deals become available, especially over Black Friday and the Christmas sales. Some I will add to this blog, others I will add on Facebook and Twitter. So don’t forget to follow me on social media!

Some Household Money Saving Tips?

Cut your Sky bill by over 50%

Earn money every time you shop.

Looking to earn extra? Take a look at ways to earn money on the side.

Save £100’s from your energy bill by switching suppliers.

Take a look at matched betting which could easily earn you £100’s every month.

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Happy Money Saving!

Pete, Household Money Saving.