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How I’ve Managed To Get 5 Months Of Free Fibre Broadband

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Want to know how I have managed to get 5 months free worth of fibre broadband? Take a look at how easy it is and how you can find a decent deal too.

The fact is, for many of us, standard broadband is no longer fast enough. With sites becoming fancier, it means there’s more information to download. Plus, with phones and smart devices entering every home we all have far more connected to our broadband hub, slowing everything down.

So whilst you can find some good prices when it comes to slower broadband, it’s much harder to find decent fibre deals.

And another fact for you… over 40% of us are paying too much because we’re not searching for better deals.

Being the money saver I am, I change provider every year or 18 months – depending on my contract length. Usually, I find that the best fibre deals hover around the £20-£25 mark with some rising to over £30.

But look around and you can drastically reduce this cost.

Cashback sites

I can’t recommend these enough. Click a link from a cashback site and you earn money. They receive a referral fee from the service provider, which they then pass on to you. After a certain time, usually a couple of months, you can then withdraw the money into your bank account.

Bank account

Some bank accounts offer cashback rewards when you shop at a certain provider. Unlike the cashback sites I mentioned above, you don’t have to click through a specific link. The bank knows you have paid when the money comes out of your account. Santander and Halifax are two examples of banks that offer these kinds of deals.

Vouchers/Reward cards

Some broadband providers will offer you either a voucher or a reward card if you sign-up with them. For those that have never used them before, a reward card is similar to a prepaid credit card and can be used at most retailers.

The amount you receive varies but it can be anything from £25-£150. Plusnet and BT often offer these to new customers.

My deal this year

So my 18 month deal with Shell (formerly First Utility) was due to end.

Using uSwitch, I entered my postcode and current provider to find the best deals available.

If you’re using this method, make sure that you filter the results you need.

For example, I clicked on the box on the left-hand side for fibre broadband only.

I also made sure that the results were sorted by price (low to high) by clicking on the box at the top right.

Another tip – some of the top results will say sponsored. Ignore these and scroll down.

My best deal came from a company called Origin. Not a company I have heard of, but a decent price at £20.99 per month.

uswitch fibre broadband

Further down the list was NowBroadband at £25 per month.

now broadband deal

Yes, it was £4.01 extra per month, but it was only a 12-month contract and it came with free anytime calls.

Plus I knew that there were some decent extra deals to be had from Now Broadband.

Deal 1

TopCashback was offering £90 back by using their link. This was an increase as the week before, it was only £70. However, Quidco had been offering £90 the week before, so I would have used them instead.

fibre broadband for £14

If you’ve never used them before, take a look at how cashback sites work.

Deal 2

I also happened to know that my bank, Santander, was offering a cashback deal.

now broadband cashback

Once, I’ve made two payments of £18 or more for my Broadband through Santander, £40 will be paid into my current account.

The final cost

12 months of broadband at £25 per month comes to £300. The total cashback I should earn comes to £130 (£90+£40). That means over the year I should pay £170. That is just £14.17 per month.

Alternatively, you could look at it as me having 5 months free broadband!

Another bonus is that is only a 12-month contract. And, if Now Broadband increases their prices during my contract, I can leave penalty-free within 30 days of being notified.

And the final bonus… When my new router arrives, I will sell it. I don’t need a new one and it will make me an extra £10-15 on eBay.

If they do that before month 5, I will actually be in profit!

The only question is, will NowTV broadband be any good? Watch this space…

Please note that cashback isn’t always guaranteed as things can go occasionally wrong. Bear this in mind when working out total costs.

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