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How To Find The Nearest Cashpoint – Download This App!

Do you ever struggle to find the nearest cash machine closest to you? Well, there is a free app available that will show you their exact location and whether it will cost you to withdraw.

finding an atm close to me

Cash machine, cashpoint or ATM? Whatever you call it, the bad news is, the number of machines you can withdraw your cash from is quickly disappearing. The truth is, we are edging towards a cashless society, partly by design and partly due to circumstances. COVID-19 put many people off using cash and in April 2020, the amount we could spend on our contactless cards increased from £30 to £45.

LINK is currently the UK’s largest cash machine operator and its services are free to customers. And fortunately, they have released an app for Android and Apple users that help users find the closest ATM.

The Link ATM Locator shows you where every cash machine is located. And not only that, it will tell you the location of post offices, where you can also with draw money.

Using the app

Once downloaded, it’s fairly easy to use. You will be asked whether the app can have access to your location. You don’t have to accept, but it saves you having to type in your location when making your search.

The locator will find your nearest

  • free-to-use ATM
  • pay-to-use ATM
  • Post Office

Free-to-use machines are listed in green, pay-to-use in purple and the Post Offices are in red. If the machine comes with a charge, simply clicking on it will tell you how much you have to pay.

You can also filter the results if you have special requirements.

  • cash machines that dispense £5 notes
  • those that offer audio assistance
  • wheelchair access
  • PIN management (eg. changing your PIN number)
  • free-to-use
  • ATM operators
  • show Post Offices

If you like, you can also ‘favourite’ your cash machine of choice. However, I find it hard to believe that anybody will actually need to use this function.

Where are cash points near me?

All you need to do is type in your address or allow the app to access your location. You will then be provided with a map that shows you cash machine locations.

a map of cash machines

The map clearly shows all the cash machines in the local area, along with a key on whether you have to pay or not.

services that cash machines offer

Clicking on an ATM will show you what services are on offer and how much it costs if it is not a free machine.

If you’re completely unfamiliar with an area, you can allow the app to give you full instructions on how to reach your preferred ATM.

But keep an eye out

Always be vigilant when using a cash machine. Make sure there is nobody close by that can see your PIN number when you’re making a transaction. Also, check that the machine has not been tampered with. There are several ways that an ATM can be altered so that details can be stolen

  • A false front – criminals will pace a whole new front to the machine. This can either clone your card and capture your PIN, or just catch your money as it is dispensed.
  • ‘Lebanese Loop’ – a small plastic device that captures your card. The machine will keep asking for your PIN as it can’t read your card. However, your card is trapped and will not be returned and you will assume it has been swallowed. After you have left, the criminals will take your card.
  • Fake PIN pad – this can feel slightly loose compared to a usual machine, and as you enter your PIN number, it is actually being collected by the criminal. In some cases, it is even transferred to them by WiFi.

Never let yourself be distracted at a cash machine and remember, these criminals often work in gangs. If you think something is wrong, then contact the machine operator and/or the police.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.