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Job Spotter Review. A Money Making App

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If you’re often popping down to your local shops, then this is an app that could help you earn some vouchers on your shopping next trip. Take a look at this Job Spotter review to see how much you could earn.

We all do it. You pop down to the shops to buy a few things and you end up spending far more than you wanted to. But what if, the next time you go, you could actually be rewarded for going? Well, the Job Spotter app is one easy way to help.

What is the Job Spotter app?

The app is brought to you by Indeed. For those of you who don’t know, Indeed are a job searching company.

All you need to do is find jobs advertised in your local shops, take a photo of the advert and shop, and then submit it. You will then be paid in Amazon vouchers.

How do you get started?

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to read a few instructions with regards to how the app works. You will then need to complete a test before you can get going. Don’t worry, this isn’t difficult. You’ll be shown various photos of adverts and shop fronts, and you have to decide whether the photos are good enough to submit or not.

Once you pass the test, you’re ready to roll.

The Good

Completing jobs takes less than a minute. Once you see a job advert in a window, open your Job Spotter app, snap a couple of photos and submit. Then it’s a case of sitting back and watch your earnings come rolling in.

The amount you earn from the time it takes is certainly good.

The bad

Payment for each submission varies. Indeed ideally want to know about jobs from smaller companies as they’re much more likely to know about bigger firm’s recruitments. As there is no set rate, they can pay you however much they want.

The main issue is being able to find the jobs advertised in the first place!

The Money

The most you can earn is 150 points for one submission.

This was my first job find.

job spotter app reviewjob spotter app

Around an hour after I sent my photos, I received confirmation that they had been accepted and was awarded 43 points.

That day, I managed to find five more jobs in the small town where I live. These were all from small stores, and my highest reward was 87 points. In total, I amassed 364 points.

What do points mean?

Prizes. Well, technically vouchers, but that doesn’t sound so catchy. Each point you are awarded is converted into one pence worth of Amazon vouchers. So for my small shopping trip, I earned a £3.64 Amazon voucher.

apps like Job Spotter

One of my submissions was rejected, however, that was due to my phone losing reception and my photos being sent twice.

The great part about this app is that there is no minimum withdrawal amount. If you only earn 50 pence, you can still request payment. And you can usually expect to receive your voucher within 24 hours.

Expect to earn around £8 per hour, but this depends on your local area.

My Job Spotter review conclusion

Yes. It might be a bit much to go out specifically looking to make money from the app, but if you stumble across a job advertised, it’s certainly worth opening the app and taking a photo.

My £3.64 was earned on a 20-minute shopping trip, without going out of my way. If you live near a large town or city, the more likely you are to make money. It might not make you rich, but it’s a good little saver towards Christmas.

Download the app for Apple

Download the app for Android

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