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LifePoints Review – A UK Survey Site To Avoid

Want to earn some extra money from home? Then online surveys are often a great way to do it. But take a look at my LifePoints UK review to see why this is a survey site that I recommend you just skip over.

10-second Lifepoints review

Rating: 1 out of 5.

A site that started off well with lots of payment options… but went downhill fast. Surveys don’t pay as well as other sites and if you ever have a problem, don’t expect Lifepoints to ever reply to you. This is the only survey site I have tested and never received payment from.

lifepoints uk review
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Survey sites are a great way to earn extra income from home. The issue comes when choosing which sites to join. There are some great paying sites out there, which can pay well over £10 per hour. But there are others that seem to think they can get away with paying you a pittance.

That’s why I decided to give LifePoints a try to see if it’s a worthwhile survey site. Unfortunately, I was left very disappointed. Why not take a look at my list of best paying survey sites if you’re looking for some decent options?

What is LifePoints?

Taken from their website:

LifePoints is a community of over 5,000,000 members from all over the world. Their contribution influences future products, services and brands by participating in data collection and research.

Consumer research is discovering what people like, dislike, want and desire by asking for opinions about products and services. This is done through surveys, product testing and data collection.

Is LifePoints safe?

LifePoints is owned by Lightspeed Research LTD, a company based in the UK and has been operating since 2000. LifePoints itself only started out in 2017. Before that, it was formerly known as Global Test Market. Another survey site – My Survey joined with LifePoints at the beginning of 2019.

With so many years of experience, you can be assured that LifePoints is a genuine company. But when it comes to payments… that’s another matter.

Earnings from Lifepoints

How does LifePoints work?

Once you have signed up, you’ll need to fill in a profile survey, which helps LifePoints send you relevant surveys that will fit your demographic. For every survey you complete, you’ll be awarded points. These points can then be converted into rewards.

How do I withdraw my earnings?

One of the main positives to using LifePoints is the fact there are 19 options to choose from when cashing out. These include:

  • Amazon
  • Asda
  • John Lewis
  • Marks & Spencers
  • PayPal
  • Sainsbury’s

You also have the choice to withdraw your earning as Nectar points, but I recommend against doing this. Nectar points are worth half the value of other vouchers and unless you plan to use them during the Sainsbury’s Double Up event, you’ll be worse off.

Is there a LifePoints referral scheme?

Most survey sites offer some kind of incentive if you encourage friends and family to join, which can be a handy way to earn extra. However, LifePoints doesn’t have an active scheme on offer.

LifePoints in action

So, how did LifePoints perform when I tested it out?

The good

You can earn 20 points just from joining and filling out some profile questions. There are plenty of surveys available and as an added bonus, you are awarded points if you are screened out of a survey.

There is an app that you can download to your phone, which means you can earn whilst you’re out and about.

There are competitions run regularly from LifePoints’ Facebook page, which gives you the opportunity to win a decent number of points.

The bad

One slight downside is the number of emails you receive. Every time a new survey is available, LifePoints send you a notification, which can quickly fill up your inbox. And as far as I can tell, there’s no way to turn them off.

But that’s just a minor problem compared to another issue I had. Within a few days, I managed to earn enough points to withdraw £5 through PayPal. I continued happily completing more surveys until one day, I couldn’t log on.

So, I emailed Lifepoints to ask what the issue was. 3 days later and no reply. So I emailed again, and then once more over the space of a week. I didn’t receive a reply to any of my emails. So I never received my money or any kind of correspondence.

As a test, I sent a question about a different matter from another email address. I received an automated response that didn’t answer my question and a follow-up email asking if I was satisfied. I replied with no, but they just ignored that.

Overall, the customer service is terrible. I have had issues with other survey companies before, but these are usually sorted quite quickly.

How much are LifePoints worth?

1150 points will earn you a £10 PayPal payment. That means 100 points is equal to around 86 pence.

Amazon vouchers are slightly better and will cost 1100 points. That makes 100 points worth just over 90 pence.

Although in my case, LifePoints were worth absolutely nothing.

lifepoints rewards

How much money can you make with LifePoints?

If you assume that they will actually pay you, the amount you earn from surveys isn’t great. On average, you earn 50 points for a 10-minute survey, meaning it will take you just under 2 hours to reach a £5 Amazon voucher. That’s a poor return.

Payouts are very slow. LifePoints claim PayPal takes 5-10 working days before you receive your money. I had been waiting 7 working days without payment before my account was suspended.

Expected pay per hour: £3

What other people say

Looking around the internet for reviews, the majority are quite positive. A look on Trustpilot tells us that well over 90% rate it as good or excellent.

However, LifePoints is quite active in replying to comments and it could be possible that some of the negative points are regularly removed. And it does seem strange that you’re more likely to get a reply on Trustpilot, rather than when you contact them directly.

Most of the reviews from other bloggers seem to be generally positive too. But please note that LifePoints does offer an affiliate scheme. That means bloggers will earn a commission if you sign up to LifePoints through their link, so it’s in their interest to give the company a positive spin.

My LifePoints review conclusion

I really cannot recommend a company that will not speak to you. If I’ve been banned from Lifepoints, then fine, but at least let me know. There are plenty of other survey sites out there and it isn’t really worth risking spending time filling out surveys for no return. And anyhow, the rate of pay is pretty poor.

If you really insist on joining this site, then I suggest you never build up a big balance. There would be nothing worse than spending a lot of time building up a nice lot of earnings, only for it all to be taken away from you!

Is LifePoints legit?

There are plenty of people that recommend this site. However, of the 40+ surveys sites I have joined, this is the only one never to have paid me. So, I can’t say if it is legit or not.

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Tuesday 14th of December 2021

Appalling organisation, who do not honor rewards/points already accumulated! They effectively stopped sending survey invitations, probably in the hope that they would be 'forgotten', and when I ultimately contacted them to query why this situation had transpired, was informed that I had not met their requirements for quality of completion of surveys! This, as a DIAMOND MEMBER was unacceptable, and I requested they credit me with the Nectar points I had accumulated to date, which was around 3500. I am still waiting for the Nectar credit, which had legitimately been earned. I feel that a survey administration body should be created to weed out these sites who fail to meet their commitments to members.


Wednesday 17th of March 2021

THIS PANEL IS FAKE. I WARN EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS PANEL TO SAVE TIME AND EFFORT. They are deceitful, dishonest bunch of people who will ban your account when you request withdrawal quoting you violated T's and C's which is load of crap. I am not the only one who lost around £20 there are 100's of people who have lost a lot of money on this panel. PLEASE STAY AWAY!

John Lowis

Wednesday 22nd of May 2019

I was a member of previous incarnation My survey with no problems and always paid out but since lifepoints took over they are a joke. I could not log in to the site after changeover and months after raising the issue with support I get an email saying Membership in our Community requires truthfully and honestly answering the questions presented in each survey. The survey answers provided by members is vital to the research and businesses asking for opinions. We are aware of certain members completing surveys without actually answering any survey questions, opening duplicate memberships and/or referring the same person(s) with different email addresses, using the same IP address. These actions are a violation of the Reward Point RulesAny members engaging in such fraudulent behavior will be barred from further access and will automatically lose all Reward Points.Based on our audit of your membership, we have found evidence of such fraud. Therefore, we have inactivated your membership, barred you from future membership and invalidated your accumulated Reward Points. Even though I cannot log in they accuse me of fraud!! avoid at all costs

Money Saver Pete

Wednesday 22nd of May 2019

Thanks John. Glad it wasn't just me then!


Wednesday 15th of May 2019

I use to be quite a fan of life points and received 2 payouts of £10 in love to shop vouchers from them via the post. I’ve not used them in a fair few months now after my last cashout but this was more because I’d completely forgotten about them to be honest! There’s no excusing bad customer service though - it will definitely make me think twice about completing more surveys with them...

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