Line Rental – Is this the End?

line rental

Fed up with paying line rental when you don’t use your home phone? Now you can have broadband without a phone line.

line rental

We’ve all said it (or at least know somebody that has)

“I never use my home phone.  I only have it for broadband.”  And yet a lot of us are paying £15-20 a month for line rental.  I’m not sure about you, but the only time somebody calls me on my home phone is to tell me my computer has a virus.

And with line rental prices constantly increasing it seems that Vodafone have listened.  They now offer broadband without line rental.

The Cost?

If you’re looking for fibre broadband (this is faster than your normal broadband, and I think a must for small families), it will set you back £26 a month for speeds up to 38Mbps.  However, if you’re an existing user, this goes down to £23 per month. (Prices correct as of 15/03/17)

If you’re a speed freak, well a heavy user, 76Mbps will cost £31 per month.

You are tied into a contract for 18 months which is fairly standard, although some other companies (such as BT) now offer 12 month contracts.

Is no line rental the way to go?

So how does this compare to others?  It’s difficult to make an accurate comparison as prices change often for many providers. Plusnet offer line rental and fibre for £27.50 (15/03/17), which you can see isn’t far off Vodafone’s price. However, Vodafone charge a one-off £49 connection fee, whereas Plusnet only charge £25.

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Deal rating 5/10. To be honest, the savings aren’t great, but any money off is always a winner.  Plus this should encourage other companies to follow suit, which will see even more competitive deals in the future.