do I need line rental?

Do I Need Line Rental? Broadband For Less

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Find that you don’t use your home phone much? Ever wonder “Do I need line rental? There are a couple of deals out there where you can pay for broadband only. I’ve taken a look to see if they provide any value.

We’ve all said it (or at least know somebody that has)

“I never use my home phone.  I only have it for broadband.”  And yet a lot of us are paying £15-20 a month for line rental.  I’m not sure about you, but the only time somebody calls me on my home phone is to tell me my computer has a virus.

And with line rental prices constantly increasing it seems that Vodafone has listened.  They now offer broadband without line rental.

The Cost?

If you’re looking for fibre broadband (this is faster than your normal broadband, and I think a must for small families), it will set you back £22.50 per month for speeds up to 38Mbps. This goes down to £20 if you’re an existing customer (prices correct as of 04/01/18). If this isn’t quick enough for you, 76Mbps will cost new customers £27 per month or £24 for existing customers.

You are tied in for 18 months which is fairly standard for broadband contracts. And the good news is, there is no set-up cost at the start of your contract.

Any alternatives?

Virgin offers a similar deal. Their cost is exactly the same as Vodafone’s at £27 per month, but speeds are slower at up to 50Mbps, plus there is a £20 set-up cost. Virgin isn’t available in all areas either.

Is no line rental the way to go?

So how does this compare to others?  It’s difficult to make an accurate comparison as prices change often for many providers. Plusnet offers line rental and fibre for £24.99 every month (04/01/18) with a £10 connection fee. TalkTalk offers the same service for £25 per month and no connection fee. Both offers speed up to 38Mbps.

So, do I need line rental?

You’re not going to save huge amounts by cutting out line rental. But, if you really don’t need your landline, then you could save around £5 per month if you’re already a Vodafone customer. Hopefully, other companies will soon follow suit and we will find some more competitive deals

Visit Vodafone to find out more details.

Or take a look at Virgin’s offering.

Find out ways to get a better broadband deal.

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