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Make Money App Review – Get Paid To Play

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Bored with earning the traditional way? Then why not make money by completing various tasks and playing games from your phone? Take a look at this Make Money app review to see how much you can expect to earn.

So… you fancy making some extra money, do you? Well, don’t we all. I have now lost count of the number of different apps, schemes and websites I’ve tried. The latest I’ve tried is the imaginatively titled “Make Money” app. If anyone has ever spent just 30 seconds thinking of a title to an app, it’s these guys. That said it works. I came across Make Money by accident as I searched for something else on the app store, so I thought “why not?”

Is the Make Money app legit?

Always the first question I ask when I see apps like these. However, I can assure you that the Make Money app is not a scam and I have received several payments over the last year.

How does it work?

Once you’ve downloaded the app (see below), sign up is a very quick process, just enter a few personal details and your email address and you’re ready to go. You are then given various tasks that you can choose to complete which reward you with credits. These credits can then be converted to cash.

The good

This is quite a different way to make money. The majority of tasks pay you for downloading a game onto your phone and then playing until you reach a certain level. That’s right, you get paid to play.

Some of the games will reward you with as much as £3 and they only require you to play in short bursts, rather than being sat there for an hour at a time. There are other tasks available, such as watching videos, completing surveys and inviting friends.

You can even earn free credits every day by just visiting the Make Money app. In general, the tasks are pretty straightforward. The games that I completed all awarded my credits the moment I reached the required level, except one. However, a quick email and screenshot and I received my credits without an issue.make money app

The bad

The games aren’t as quick as you would imagine. For anybody that has played a “free” mobile game recently, you’ll know that they will want some cash from you at some point. This usually means better weapons, skins, cards or whatever they want you to buy.

You certainly don’t need to spend money to reach the required level, but it can sometimes take several days of playing. And by days, I mean logging on for 5 minutes at a time every few hours.

There are quite a few tasks that need avoiding. Surveys pay poorly, so look elsewhere. Anywhere else.

There are also tasks that suggest you have a chance to test a new product, such as a Samsung or Apple phone. These are a big con as why would they need somebody to test a phone that has already been out 6 months? Others say you can win a £500 voucher. Most ask for your address and mobile number and want you to sign up for a service that costs you every time they send a text message.

I would also take the rating in the Apple Store of the Make Money app with a pinch of salt. They offer users 100 credits to give it 5 stars.make money app

The money

This is almost impossible to rate by the hour as some of the games are far easier to complete than others. It took me about 4 days to earn £5 and with time spent, I think you’ll be looking at no more than £4 per hour.

When you earn enough credits, you just need to request a withdrawal from Make Money who send your earnings to your PayPal account. They claim it takes up to 3 working days for the money to reach your account, but it was under 2 for me.

My Make Money app review conclusion

Ok, so we’ve established that the money per hour isn’t great. But you are getting paid to play games here. For me, it’s great to do when I’ve got 5 or 10 minutes of downtime at work or when collecting the kids from school.

However, this isn’t going to be for everybody. Not all the games are simple and it might help if you’ve got experience in these types of games before. Not that you won’t be able to pick it up, it will just take you a bit longer.

And I would recommend you just stick to the games and videos. Everything else seems slightly dodgy. For the moment, this app is going to stay on my phone, but I will probably delete it when I run out of games to download.

Use the code VIQ99S when you sign up and you will receive 20 extra credits (I will receive credits too)

Download the Make Money app for Apple

Download the Make Money app for Android

Or, if this Make Money app review hasn’t convined you, take a look at my other ways to make money.

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