money back on your groceries

Get Money Back on Your Groceries

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Would you like to earn money back on your groceries? Or even better, get items for free? There are several apps that can help you.

Money Back On Your Groceries

The chances are, you spend at least once a week shopping for groceries. What if you could get cashback from the items you buy?


I hope you’re sitting down. I kid you not, the items above I got for free courtesy of ClickSnap! That’s right £1.30 worth of chocolate and it cost me absolutely nothing.

Okay, so it’s not a life changing amount, but this blog is about saving money and there are plenty more bargains to be had on your grocery shopping.

There are several apps out there that offer you discounts on buying certain brands or products. From essential items such as bread, milk and beer to the more bizarre such as Protein Energy Balls (?) and Angel Delight (come on people, it’s not the 80’s anymore).

All you need to do is check the apps before you go shopping to see if there is anything you need or fancy. When you get to the supermarket, just purchase your groceries as usual. When you get home you take a photo of the receipt and upload it to the app. Then you get your money back. That’s it! It won’t take you any more than a few minutes.

The three apps I currently use are:


I find they often have the largest range of offers. This is run by Quidco, so you will need to sign up here if you haven’t already. When you’ve taken up one (or more) of their offers, you click on the item in the app, press upload receipt, take a photo, and you’re done. The money will then be paid into your Quidco account.clicksnap grocery savings


TopCashback offers a scheme called Snap & Save. Similar to Quidco, although not so many offers. This does have a handy feature of being able to scan barcodes to check you have the right product. Again, buy, photo, upload and the money is paid into your TopCashback account. If you don’t have one already, sign up here.


Again, very much like the above two apps. This app, however, allows you to withdraw money straight into your bank account or Paypal, instead of having to go through a cashback site first.
To sign up, visit here on your mobile device and download the app. When you sign up, enter the referral code:  AEFGEHEE and you get a free goody!


This app is very similar to Shopmium, but the offers available can be used in any store. You can withdraw to your bank or PayPal. Find out more about CheckoutSmart

All apps are available through the Apple or Google Play store.

Or check out other ways to earn cashback.

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