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Looking after your money

Although making and saving money is something I like to focus on, it’s equally important that you keep an eye on your finances. Take a look at some of the best personal finance apps, savings accounts and possible scams to look out for.

Managing your money

sell your phone

Oval Money

An app that helps you budget… and gives you £5 for joining!


Another budgeting app, this one is brought to you by ING Bank.

best finance apps

Best budgeting and finance apps

Not convinced by Yolt or Oval? Then take a look at all the best apps available.

Putting money aside

Lifetime ISA

This savings account could give you up to a £1000 boost each year.

help to save

Help to Save

A government back schemed that could earn you a 50% bonus.

plum savings app

Automatic savings

If you struggle with saving, there’s an app that can do it for you.


gener8 ads


Want free money for your text messages? Think again!


£100 with no effort?

Would you give your passport details over for £100? Many people do.

working from home tax

Tips for spotting a scam

There are lots of scams out there. Here are a few tips to spot them.

Growing up


Money lessons for kids

How to teach your children about money and spending with GoHenry.

code kingdoms

Coding for kids

Why not encourage your children to do something useful on the computer with coding?

student bank accounts

Student accounts

A word of warning to anyone thinking about opening a student account.


UK average bills

House bills

A list of bills you can expect to pay when you own or rent a house


Mortgage term

Take a look at why I always consider taking out a longer-term mortgage.

Mortgage adviser

Mortgage advisers

Why I never trust using an estate agent’s mortgage adviser.

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