Move Your Credit Card Debt to a 0% Card and get Paid!

Balance transfer

Or just have some credit card debt you need to move?  Well, it’s not often you get the chance to make a balance transfer to a 0% card and get paid for it.

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Balance transfer
How does this work then?

The card in question?  The “low fee balance transfer card” from Halifax.  Before you apply, make sure you get the right card!  Halifax have a plethora (I never get to use that word in public) of cards, so make sure you choose the right one.

The card will give you 0% on balance transfers (as long as they are made within the first 90 days) for a total of 32 months.  On top of this, you will also receive 0% on purchases made within the first 12 months.

As is normal with balance transfer cards there is a fee, but this is far lower than normal at just 0.7%.  So that works out at a cost of £7 for every £1000 you transfer.  However, Halifax are offering £20 cashback on the first transfer you make within 90 days.

And I get paid?
But that is not all.  Go through TopCashback (the card is listed as Halifax 32/12 Balance Transfer Card) and you will qualify for £21 more cashback as long as you transfer more than £1500.  Now that is a total of £41 in cashback!  Simply put, transfer anything less than £7000, you make a profit and you have over 2 1/2 years of interest free debt.
So if you do transfer £1500, the total fee will be £10.50, which will leave you with a profit of £30.50.

If you clicked on my Halifax link above, then please remember to clear your cookies before clicking through the TopCashback link – otherwise my site will have referred you and you will miss out on £21.

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Deal rating 10/10
.  Even with today’s interest rates, you would be hard pressed to find a lender who will pay you to take on your debt.