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OnePoll Review. Earning From Surveys

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Want to earn money from surveys, but don’t have much time to spare? Then take a look at this  OnePoll review as it may be the solution for you.


OnePoll works with some big names across a range of industries. These companies are desperate for your opinion, which means you can get paid to give it.

OnePoll is slightly different to other survey sites as they pay smaller amounts for their surveys, typically 10 – 15p, although I have completed surveys for as much as a £1. Because of this, their surveys are far shorter. I have been paid 10p to answer one question before. Now it may not sound like a lot, but you are able to go through surveys very quickly and it doesn’t take long to build up a decent amount.

The good


I like this site because you can dip in and out as much or as little you like. You can complete surveys when sat in the car (although not best when driving), waiting for a bus or sat at work when your boss isn’t looking. Plus there are chances to win extra money.

Generally, I earn around £20 a month. Your earnings can be paid out into your PayPal account via BACS, although there is a £40 minimum withdrawal. Below shows you how much I earn during breaks at work, or when I’m supposed to be watching my kids at gymnastics…
Another benefit of this site is that you can refer your friends and family, which can earn you up to £2.50 per person.


The bad

One downside to this site is the fact that it’s very rare to find any surveys at weekends. And nothing can be more frustrating if you’re only 15p away from being able to withdraw your money and then having to wait till Monday to get that final survey. Another issue is that the minimum withdrawal amount is £40, so it can take a little time to reach.

The money

This is a little tough to quantify. I have completed surveys for 10p that have taken me 2 seconds and received the same amount for surveys that have taken 2 minutes. Expect to earn around £5 per hour.

OnePoll is certainly worth signing up for and is a great introduction to survey newbies. You also earn £2.50 just for signing up.

Visit the OnePoll site now if you want to start earning.

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