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Online Income – December

Here we are, in the final month of the year. December can be a difficult month as a lot of survey companies either close down or at least reduce the number of surveys they release as we get close to Christmas. It’s not until early January that normal service is resumed. But surprisingly, I did much better compared to recent months, although I did have some saved to cash out.


As always, Prolific was my biggest earner with IntelliZoom doing quite well too. I managed another cashout from PopulusLive and I also withdrew from Maximiles and Nicequest. I may have been tempted to leave the money in both those sites a little longer, but they were useful for Christmas presents.

I was lucky enough to get quite a few online interviews in for the beginning of the month, plus I was paid for a couple that I had completed at the end of November.

IntelliZoom  £97.30 (£1158.46)

PanelBase £35.65 (£374.05)

Prolific £187.74 (£1874.64)

Swagbucks £56.15 (£569.20) (Amazon voucher + PayPal)

Testable Minds £17.65 (£141.85)

Qmee £18.09 (£455.93)

Bulbshare £3 (£22)

Curious Cat £2.90 (£75.63)

VYPR £5 (£45)

I-Say £10 (£135) (Amazon vouchers)

OnePoll £25 (£175)

OnePulse £14.99 (£150.59)

Maximiles £25 (£50)

Nicequest £45

YourSayPays £20 (£55)

Focus groups (£367)

Elevate Panel £25

GFK £5

Energizer £5

MyLiving £5

Eurosport £5

Online interviews (£714.11)

Testing Time £20

User Interviews £57.45

Elevate £30

ITV Village £20

DMA Research £50

Total: £785.92 (£7,142.83)


There are various apps that reward you with money or vouchers when you scan your receipts. Due to an increase in shopping over November and December, I managed to scan a lot of receipts, so this month has easily been my best of the year.

Take a look at the best receipt scanning apps.

CheckoutSmart £6

Shoppix £20

Shopmium £6.95

Storewards £20

SnapMyEats £10

Total £62.95 (£279.44)


December was surprisngly quiet for me on the cashback front. However, most of my presents were bought through Amazon as I had a load of gift cards there and Amazon is rarely listed on cashback sites.

You can find out more about cashback sites.

Airtime Rewards £0.20

Quidco £1.22

TopCashback £4.56

Total: £5.98 (£455.12)


There are several bank accounts that pay you for having an account or give you cashback for certain bills. A fairly quiet month for me, although my Santander cashback was less than expected, which I will need to chase up.

Santander £1.07 (includes £2 fee) (£29.06)

Barclays £5.50 (includes £4 fee) (£75.00)

Natwest £3 (includes £2 fee) (£6)

Total: £9.57 (£160.30)


I often check energy prices for my friends and colleagues and look for better deals. Octopus came up cheapest for 2 of them this month when you take into consideration the free £50 they receive for joining. That also means that I earn 2 lots of £50 for recommending them.

SerpClix £4.35 (£67.98)

Octopus Energy £100

Total: £104.35 (£516.23)

Please note, I have not included any income from matched betting in this report as not everybody is comfortable with taking part.

TOTAL INCOME FOR December: £968.77 (£8,580.92)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.