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Online Income – January. A Good Start To The Year

I often get asked how much do I make each month and which sites are worth joining. So this year, I’ve decided to write down everything I earn so everybody can see for themselves.

My figures won’t include any money I make from blogging or my full-time income.

If I’ve reviewed the site I’ve made money from, click on the link to find out more details.


Unsurprisingly, the bulk of my income has come from survey sites. IntelliZoom has been the biggest earner, although as a new user, I’m not sure if this will be the same throughout the year.

Prolific is always a steady source of income and YouGov paid out £50, which only happens every few months.

The only real disappointment had been Branded Surveys. I usually make far more, but I didn’t visit the site as much over January.

IntelliZoom £106.80

PanelBase £32.95

YouGov £50 – App £2.90

Prolific £60.25

Testable Minds £1.90

Streetbees £29

Swagbucks £30 (Amazon voucher)

OnePoll £25

Qmee £14.12

OnePulse £14.97

Branded Surveys £7.60

Curious Cat £17.64

AttaPoll £3.65

Focus groups (including Disney and Kinder) £17 (Amazon vouchers)

Total: £413.78

Receipt scanning

There are various apps that reward you with money or vouchers when you scan your receipts. Take a look at the best receipt scanning apps.

Shopprize £5 (Amazon voucher)

ZipZero £30.58

SnapMyEats £5 (Amazon voucher)

Huyu £5

Total £45.58


Cashback is an easy way to make money as it requires very little effort – usually following a link or using a particular card. However, I didn’t shop a great deal this month, so didn’t earn a huge amount. However, Santander paid me £40 for joining NowTV broadband back in November.

Take a look at the best cashback sites.

Santander £40

KidStart £5.60

TopCashback £0.28

Airtime Rewards £1.29

Curve card £3.50

Total: £50.67

Money from the bank

There are several bank accounts that pay you for having an account or give you cashback for certain bills. See my post on how to be paid by your bank.

Santander £1.43 (includes £1 fee)

Halifax £2

Barclays £6.50 (includes £4 fee)

Total: £9.93

Other income

Gener8 (adverts on my computer) £10 (product testing) £25.95

Make Money app (downloading games) £5

Total: £30.95

Total income for January: £550.91

See February’s income> Review - Amazon Product Testing
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Wednesday 13th of May 2020

Hi,how much do you earn from your blogs on these survey sites?

Money Saver Pete

Wednesday 13th of May 2020

Hi Hailey. None of my income above is a result of my blog.

Barry Murphy

Tuesday 18th of February 2020

Hiya, how much time do you devote to doing this? I’m keen to give it a go but I’m, sadly, time poor AND cash poor!

Money Saver Pete

Tuesday 18th of February 2020

Hi Barry, I know that feeling! A good question and very hard to answer. On average, I probably spend around an hour to 90 minutes per day doing surveys. And that's weekdays only as there's little about at weekends. But I don't set aside a certain amount of time. Some days, you'll find that all the surveys are poorly paid, so I just avoid them. Other days, I will spend a few hours because there some great opportunities. Good luck.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.