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Online Income – July

Another month and another income report. I’ve been pleased with how the last 7 months have gone and I’m surprised how much extra I’ve been able to earn when I put my mind to it.

Ideally, I would like to reach £1,000 one month but with time constraints, I don’t think it’s going to be possible.

Still, the good thing is that the money below can be earned by anyone. You don’t need special skills or qualifications – just a bit of time and dedication.


As per usual, Prolific was again my biggest earner. I was also pleased to see that I am back earning more with IntelliZoom. Whether we’re getting back to normal or not after the first wave of coronavirus is debatable, but I have seen an increase in the number of surveys from the focus groups I belong to.

Plus, I have also seen more opportunities from online interviews. These are great earners and I would recommend you take part if you get the chance. They are a little nerve-racking at first, but after a couple, become quite fun. And most pay between £20-£60 per hour!

IntelliZoom  £101.59 (£753.85)

PanelBase £26.15 (£140.55)

Prolific £247.53 (£1202.33)

Streetbees £8.55 (£146.65)

Swagbucks £41 (£296) (Amazon voucher + PayPal)

Testable Minds £31.32 (£93.78)

Qmee £52.69 (£339.38)

Curious Cat £3.74 (£62.48)

VYPR £5 (£25)

AttaPoll £3.85 (£31.18)

Bulbshare £8

Focus groups (£211.50)

Elevate Panel £10

Home Truths £3

Energizer £15

GFK – £4.50

Tribe Village – £5

MyLiving £1

Eurosport £5

Online interviews (£226.94)

Your Voice Market (Gambling £50)

YourSayPays (Motoring) £40

Facebook Group (charities) £30

Total: £692.92 (£4115.96)


There are various apps that reward you with money or vouchers when you scan your receipts. As I seem to be explaining a lot over the last few months, we’re not going out as much so these haven’t been as good earners compared to previous years. It’s still something I will continue to do though.

Take a look at the best receipt scanning apps.

Shopprize £5

SnapMyEats £10

GreenJinn £1.50

Total £16.50 (£151.14)


We’re also not spending quite so much online either, but there are still some opportunities to earn. This month I made £85 from Quidco for switching my broadband to Vodafone using a Quidco link. It also saved me £2 per month off my bill.

You can find out more about cashback sites.

Quidco £86.63

TopCashback £0.11

Santander £0.54

Total: £87.28 (£408.33)


There are several bank accounts that pay you for having an account or give you cashback for certain bills. I no longer receive £2 per month from Halifax, so I switched over to TSB, which earned me £50.

Santander has announced that they will be changing their payment scheme too, which might see another drop in income.

See my post on how to be paid by your bank.

Santander £2.19 (includes £1 fee) (£20.72)

Barclays £6.50 (includes £4 fee) (£45.50)

Total: £8.69 (£83.22)


SerpClix £9.20 (£39.20)

UTest £1.22 (£36.19) (review coming soon)

Neevo £7.18 (£82.97) (review coming soon)

Total: £17.60 (£362.97)

Please note, I have not included any income from matched betting in this report as not everybody is comfortable with taking part.

TOTAL INCOME FOR July: £822.99 (£5152.57)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.