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Online Income – June

Here we are, half way through the year and my 6th monthly income report. I’ve been genuinely quite surprised by how much I’ve earned over the year so far. Let’s see if it can continue.


This month, my income dropped drastically from IntelliZoom. I was screened out of a few surveys, but I’ve certainly received fewer over the last 2 months. I’m not sure if that is because of the effects of the coronavirus finally kicking in. Conversely, I seem to be getting loads from Prolific – universities seem to love my thoughts on this.

I had a £50 payout from PopulusLive for the 2nd time this year and another OnePoll payout.

Qmee was a lower this month, but I made extra with Swagbucks by completing a few games on their downloads tab.

I had 3 stokes of luck, with being invited to 4 focus groups / interviews. The best paid $85 for 1 hour, whilst the worst paid £15. These were all found through survey sites and are great earners. (I’m still waiting for the 4th to be paid, so that will go on next month’s earnings).

IntelliZoom  £59.47 (£652.26)

PanelBase £23.55 (£114.40)

Prolific £183.34 (£954.80)

Streetbees £17.30 (£138.10)

Swagbucks £60 (£255) (Amazon voucher)

Testable Minds £17.34 (£62.46)

Qmee £53.68 (£286.69)

OnePulse £16.07 (£89.51)

Curious Cat £2.28 (£58.74)

OnePoll £25 (£100)

YouGov (app) £3.80 (£62.20)

VYPR £10 (£20)

AttaPoll £3.01 (£27.33)

Populus Live £50 (£100)

Focus groups (£168)

Elevate Panel £10

Home Truths £3

Energizer £5

GFK – £5

Online interviews (£106.94)

Coronavirus and cleaning £66.94

Flooding £25.00

Laptops £15.00

Total: £654.78 (£3423.04)


There are various apps that reward you with money or vouchers when you scan your receipts. Take a look at the best receipt scanning apps.

Nothing this month – not a surprise because we haven’t been shopping much over the last couple of months.

Total £0 (£134.64)


Similar to receipt scanning, I haven’t spent much to earn any cashback… except for signing up to a new account with TSB through Quidco.

Quidco £50

Total: £50 (£321.05)


There are several bank accounts that pay you for having an account or give you cashback for certain bills. See my post on how to be paid by your bank. Note that this is the last month that I will receive £2 from Halifax as they have changed the terms.

Santander £4.19 (includes £1 fee) (£18.53)

Halifax £2 (£12)

Barclays £6.50 (includes £4 fee) (£39.00)

Total: £12.69 (£74.53)


SerpClix £9.05 (£30)

UTest £1.20 (£34.99) (review coming soon)

Neevo £53.42 (£75.79) (review coming soon)

Total: £63.67 (£345.37)

Please note, I have not included any income from matched betting in this report as not everybody is comfortable with taking part.

TOTAL INCOME FOR June: £781.14 (£4329.58)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.