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Online Income – November

So, we’re fast approaching the end of the year and my diary is almost up. I don’t like to start on a downer, but in all honesty, I hoped to earn closer to £10k after my good start early on. However, I’m not too far off.

I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t had any time to try some new ways of making money, but with work and the kids, I’ve had little time. If life quietens down a bit, I’ll look for some new ideas at the beginning of next year.


Prolific again is my biggest earner, with the money starting to pick up again after the summer months had been quiet. IntelliZoom has given me a steady income all year and I had some decent payouts from YouGov and OnePoll. Streetbees, which did quite well for me early on, has been a little disappointing over the last couple of months and I haven’t checked the app much recently.

I managed to take part in a few online interviews in November, although I only received payment from User Interviews. For the rest, the money should come through in December.

IntelliZoom  £92.16 (£1061.16)

PanelBase £27.40 (£338.40)

Prolific £139.40 (£1686.80)

Streetbees £0.70 (£162)

Swagbucks £30 (£513.05) (Amazon voucher + PayPal)

Testable Minds £4.56 (£124.20)

Qmee £27.35 (£437.84)

Bulbshare £2 (£19)

Curious Cat £5.35 (£72.73)

AttaPoll £4.44 (£46.82)

YouGov (app) £53.50 (£118.60)

VYPR £10 (£40)

I-Say £40 (£125) (Amazon vouchers)

OnePoll £25 (£150)

Focus groups (£327)

Elevate Panel £5

GFK £10

Energizer £5

Jupiter £5

Online interviews (£536.66)

User Interviews – £90.93

Total: £577.89 (£6,356.91)


There are various apps that reward you with money or vouchers when you scan your receipts. As I seem to be explaining a lot over the last few months, we’re not going out as much so these haven’t been as good earners compared to previous years. It’s still something I will continue to do though.

Take a look at the best receipt scanning apps.

CheckoutSmart £4.50

Shopmium £11.75

Total £16.25 (£216.49)


As we get closer to Christmas, I am picking up a bit more on the cashback front. It’s never a good thing to be spending more, but at least I’m getting something back.

You can find out more about cashback sites.

Airtime Rewards £4.59

Santander £3.07

TopCashback £8.90

Amazon credit card £10

Total: £26.56 (£449.19)


There are several bank accounts that pay you for having an account or give you cashback for certain bills. I no longer receive £2 per month from Halifax and Santander has also lowered their cashback rates earlier in the year, which means my earnings have dropped. However, I have opened a Natwest Reward account which makes me £3 per month.

November is also my anniversary for having a Club Lloyds account and I get to choose a reward, which was six tickets for Vue Cinema.

Santander £3.21 (includes £2 fee) (£27.99)

Barclays £5.50 (includes £4 fee) (£69.50)

Natwest £3 (includes £2 fee) (£3)

Club Lloyds £30 (cinema tickets)

Total: £41.71 (£150.73)


SerpClix £6.40 (£63.63)

Total: £6.40 (£411.88)

Please note, I have not included any income from matched betting in this report as not everybody is comfortable with taking part.

TOTAL INCOME FOR November: £668.81 (£7,612.15)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.