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Oval Money Review – Plus Earn A Free £5.

Money Saver Pete Banking 2 Comments

And on the subject of free fivers…

Cleo is a rival app to Oval Money and well worth checking out. They will also pay you £5 for joining.

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  1. Dear Pete,
    First of all thank you for the candid review. We always look for feedback.
    Just to clarify, we used to have a £1 fee to take the money back that we had tested with our beta users as a good way to try dis -encourage users to take out their savings to rapidly. We realised very quickly that many users did not like it and thus removed the fee.
    I am the co-founder and the link I had sent was to our FAQ that explained the fee (obviously now that we have removed it it does not have this information any longer). I love responding to our users and I think that you will not find that you can actually see that much interaction with the founding team with the community as we prode ourselves in Oval.
    Also, in terms of your expenses, we have created a number of categories to allow you to feel like you have a better idea of where you spend your money. The data that feeds into Oval is the one from your bank statements so it should be correct to what you spend. We allow you to go into every expense to make changes to the category, add a personal tag that is then searchable and also decide to take it away from the calculation of expenses in the pie chart. This last feature is useful if you linked a credit card to Oval, because on the app we read each expense on the credit card and then also the amount that is charged by the card to your account. This means that there is double counting if you linked both, allowing you to adjust.
    We hope that our soon to be released marketplace will give you the confidence that we have a very unique value proposition.

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