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Panel Opinion Review – A Decent Survey Site?

Interested in making some extra money from surveys? Well, there are plenty of sites out there but which one is the best? Have a read of my Panel Opinion review to see how it stacks up.

panel opinion review
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10-second Panel Opinion review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

An average paying site with a steady number of surveys. It does have some good points though. You can withdraw using PayPal or bank transfer and you are paid 5 pence if you are screened out of a survey.

I like to think of myself as quite a seasoned survey taker. I probably took my first survey around 20 years ago and earned around 20 pence for 20 minutes of work. But since then, and many, many survey sites later, I’ve realised that I can earn far more.

The latest site I’ve decided to give a try is Panel Opinion. But does it make it onto my list of top 10 paying survey sites?

What is Panel Opinion?

Panel Opinion is a free-to-join survey site that is interested in your opinions. And for giving them your time, you are rewarded with cash.

Is Panel Opinion legit?

Panel Opinion has been running for several years and you can find plenty of reviews across the internet. It is operated by the MIS GROUP Company which is based in France and has been operating since 2001.

I have been a member since 2020 and have had several payments from them without issue.

How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be ready to receive surveys straight away. However, it’s probably best if you fill out your profile, which will make sure that you’re only sent suitable surveys. Be warned, there are 13 parts, so it can take a little time.

You can have email notifications sent to you when a new survey is available or you can just check your account. Your earnings are usually credited straight to your account once you have finished your survey. But on occasion, your answers may need to be reviewed first and it takes a week or so for you to be paid.

Once you reach £10, you can withdraw your money.


Panel Opinion allows you to earn stars. Once you reach 100 stars, they can then be exchanged for entry into monthly draws that give away various prizes worth in the region of £250.

There are several ways to earn stars.

  • Log into your account each day for 1 star
  • Every day you will find mini polls on your account. This will be a simple question that will ask for your opinion and give you multiple choice answers. Completing a mini poll will earn you a star.
  • Up to 3 stars for completing surveys
  • Invite friends for 3 stars.

The good

There are a decent number of surveys that appear on the site. And if you are screened out, you receive 5 pence compensation.

If you find yourself out and about quite often or you don’t use a computer, there is a Panel Opinion app to download for both Android and Apple devices.

There are also opportunities to take part in online focus groups. They usually pay between £30 and £60 for just an hour’s work but will require you to have access to a webcam. But they are voluntary and I realise it’s not for everyone.

I have even received one survey that sent me some tissues to test. I do love these surveys as it means that I get sent products and earn money too! Hopefully, these will become more common with Panel Opinion. Take a look at my post about becoming a product tester if it appeals to you.

There are some free competitions to enter too. For example, during major football tournaments, Panel Opinion runs a prediction game that can win you cash rewards. Even if you know nothing about football… just guess!

sample of surveys

The bad

The email notification service is a little hit and miss. I receive messages for some new surveys and not others.

Some surveys pay far better than others. I currently have one on my dashboard that pays £4 for 65 minutes. I’m not willing to dedicate that much time for just £4.

The whole stars reward business seems a little gimmicky. Panelbase runs something similar and it hasn’t been very fruitful for me.

Payment options

You have 3 options when it comes to requesting payment:

  • PayPal (should arrive in 10 days)
  • Bank transfer (arrives in 15 days)
  • Cheque (should arrive in the post within 15 days)

It would be nice to have a gift card option, but you could always buy one when the cash arrives in your account.

Panel Opinion refer a friend

Many survey sites operate some kind of referral scheme, which can be quite lucrative. For example, Qmee could earn you as much as £1 for every friend that joins. But as I touched on above, Panel Opinion just rewards you with stars. And only 3. Because you need 100 to enter their competitions, it’s not particularly appealing.

What other people say

When writing my reviews, I always like to take a look around to see what other people think. Over at Trustpilot, Panel Opinion scores an excellent 4.3 out of 5. On the positive side, users praise the fact that surveys are short to complete and payment is received promptly. Some users complain about the lack of surveys though.

My Panel Opinion review conclusion

I quite like this site. It’s never going to earn you a huge amount but the surveys are generally quite short and pay similar to other sites. Plus, there are opportunities to test products and take part in focus groups. I would recommend using it alongside some of my top paying survey sites.

Click on the button below to join Panel Opinion.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.