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Prolific Academic Review – Could You Really Earn £30 per Hour?

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Take a look at my Prolific Academic review to see why this is one of the sites you must sign up to if you’re serious about earning money in your spare time.

In my quest for making money at home, I’ve recently signed up for several survey sites. And after reading a glowing Prolific Academic review, I decided that this sounded like one of the best.

For those that have signed up to survey sites before, you’ll notice that most of them are about companies or products. That’s fine of course because they’re after your opinion and are happy to pay. However, it can become a little tedious over the course of a day answering the same questions again and again.

Prolific Academic breaks this tedium and you can sometimes earn some decent money too.

The good

Prolific Academic is slightly different to many other survey sites. It is mainly used by people from universities who study people’s behaviour. For example, I’ve had surveys (also known as studies) about how I deal with negative emotions (I send them to their room until bedtime), and how I deal with my boss and colleagues at work. I’ve played games, watched videos and shared my thoughts on them and had to complete various tests.

The pay is generally far more than other survey sites too. And let’s be honest, that’s why we’re here.

The bad

The only real downside to Prolific Academic is that you have to be quick to find the surveys. Most have limited spaces, ranging from between 10 up to several hundred. And when you have tens of thousands of potential participants, they can fill up quickly.

Holiday times can be fairly quiet for surveys. As the majority are written by students, most won’t be at university and you will see a drop in your earning potential. So if you join during the summer, don’t be too disheartened, late July and August can be a little quiet.

The money

Pay can vary wildly. It’s very rare to see surveys that pay under £5 per hour, and the majority pay between £7-9.

If you’re lucky enough, you can find some real gems. I have found surveys that require you to complete short questionnaires every day for a small reward. Then at the end of the week, you get an even bigger payout. For example, this survey below paid out the equivalent of £84 per hour!


prolific academic reviewBelow you can see that I managed to earn £25.75 in just three days.

prolific academic reviewOnce you’ve built up at least £5, you can withdraw into your PayPal or Circle account. However, withdrawing through PayPal will cost you 2.9% + 20 pence. Using Circle will cost you nothing as long as you withdraw a minimum of £20. If you’ve never used Circle before, find out more about it here.

Some tips for Prolific Academic

Make sure that you validate your account. That does mean providing a phone number. If you don’t, you can sit there for several days asking yourself why you haven’t received any surveys. Apparently. Also, make sure that you complete your profile questions too. This allows Prolific to select you for appropriate surveys. I didn’t for the first week or so, and although I received some surveys, it was nothing compared to what I received once I completed my profile.

My Prolific Academic review

I cannot recommend this site enough. I have tried many survey sites, and this is by far the most interesting and best paid.

So if you want to sign up, follow the link here and get earning!

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