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Rebatest Review – Product Testing Through Amazon

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Do you fancy testing products from Amazon and keeping the items for free? Take a look at my Rebatest review to see what’s involved and whether it’s worthwhile.

Rebatest review

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of scams out there offering you something for nothing. And recently, I’ve been googling product testing to see if it’s a legitimate way to be gifted products. Of course, the moment I check back on Faceboook, I’m hit with lots of sponsored posts about Amazon product testing.

These used to be the kind of posts I would ignore, but in the interest of my blog, I feel that I should give a go. The latest one to appear on my timeline was for a company called Rebatest. After using a rival company called for a couple of months and making a bit of money, I decided to give this one a go.

Who is Rebatest?

Well, this was my 1st stumbling block. Usually, I can visit a privacy policy page to find more details, but Rebatest’s gave nothing away. Contact details only gave an email address, so I couldn’t even see where the company was based. But, reading through the site, I could hazard a guess that the company is based in Asia due to the language they use.

However, I did see that there was a Rebatest Facebook group. I joined to see that there were over 4000 members discussing products, so I decided to chance becoming a member of the site.

It wasn’t until I received my first refund that I found out a bit more about the company. On PayPal, they are listed as SUTENG TECHNOLOGY (HK) LIMITED.

They have a postal address listed as:




I can’t find a huge amount about the company, but according to this Hong Kong directory, it appears to have started back in 2013.

How does Rebatest work?

So… it wasn’t immediately obvious how the site works, but I managed to figure it out eventually.

Rebatest works with points. Completing certain tasks will reward you with points, which you then spend on the opportunity to test products.

For example, when you join, you earn 1000 points. You will then need to find an item from a given list that you want to try. Let’s say you want to try a pair of wireless headphones, Rebatest will charge you 200 points to do so, with the number of points varying depending on how much the product costs.

You can keep testing products until you run out of points. You can earn extra points by logging in each day, leaving reviews and inviting friends.

The work

When you purchase an item, you need to submit your order number and screenshot to Rebatest. They will then confirm with the seller that the order has gone through. You will then need to take a photo of the product and complete a test review, along with some suggestions on possible improvements.

Once this is confirmed, you can apply to have the money refunded to your PayPal account, which usually takes 1 working day. You can also write a review on Amazon and receive 200 points to your Rebatest account.

Rebatest products

Although you don’t have to leave a review, Rebatest will only allow you take part if you leave reviews on Amazon for over 50% of your purchases.


You won’t be refunded for the cost of postage. Some of the items will be free if you spend over £20, otherwise, Amazon Prime may be the best option if you decide to use Rebatest regularly.


Another important thing to note is that Rebatest send your money as a business transaction. That means you end up paying a fee and you end up losing around £1-£2, depending on how much you have spent.

Contacting Rebatest

I have tried to contact Rebatest once and they never replied. They do promote their Facebook group though, although they have little input there. The group is full of people offering (fairly useful) advice to each other, although the vast majority are based in the USA.

Is Rebatest genuine?

I’ve bought 4 items and received refunds for all of them without issue. However, one of the items I submitted for a test review I gave 3 stars for. It didn’t come with a charger, which I thought was quite poor. Rebatest told me that the seller didn’t want me to publish my review on Amazon. This didn’t come as a surprise to me as I really don’t think these companies care what you think about their products. Why would you ask a complete stranger on the internet to test a product? I could work for a rival company or just have a thing for leaving bad reviews.

Nearly everything I have seen and bought through Rebatest has been manufactured in China. The quality hasn’t been bad, but it’s far from premium. But with that said, there’s plenty to choose from and you only buy things that you want to.

rebatest earnings


None of this is authorised by Amazon, and they’re certainly not keen on people receiving free products in exchange for reviews. I have read on the Facebook group that people have now been banned from leaving reviews.

This isn’t the end of the world if you’re not bothered generally about leaving reviews. It will mean that you will accumulate points more slowly at Rebatest though and you won’t be able to receive items quite so regularly.

I have read comments from people on Facebook saying that Amazon will ban you from buying from them if they find out you are leaving a review for products. However, this has never been confirmed and I would be surprised if Amazon went this far. After all, why ban a customer when you can just stop them from leaving reviews?

My Rebatest review conclusion

I have actually managed to get some decent items for free, including wireless headphones for my kids and a phone charger case for me. However, I’m not willing to leave decent reviews just for the sake of a free item as I feel it’s unfair to others that use Amazon.

I haven’t decided whether to keep using the site though. I don’t have a problem with the items and I love free stuff, but I can’t help feeling that it is being used to manipulate Amazon.

If you decide you want to join, then follow this link to Rebatest.

Alternatively, if this Rebatest review hasn’t convinced you, take a look at which also offers the chance to earn money for Amazon product testing.

*Please note that this post contains affiliate links.

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