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Receipt Hog Review – Not Worth The Effort

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What if I told you that you could earn money just by taking photos of your receipts? Well, take a look at this Receipt Hog review to see why this is one to be avoided and take a look at some better alternatives.

I love free money. Something that takes little effort but still rewards me is a win-win. And when I heard about Receipt Hog, I thought I would jump at the chance. Getting paid to submit photos of my receipts sounded like an easy job.

For every receipt you submit, you earn coins. These coins can then be traded in for PayPal or UK Amazon vouchers. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But take a look at why I wouldn’t recommend this app.

What is Receipt Hog?

Taken from their site:

Receipt Hog is a free mobile app that turns your everyday shopping receipts into easy cash rewards! The more receipts you snap, the more rewards you’ll earn! 

Receipt Hog is run by an American company called ScoutIt Inc. They are based in San Fransico, California and have been operating since 2011.

The good

It’s very easy to get started with this app. Just download and you’re ready to go. Receipt Hog allows you to submit receipts from anybody in your household, so if you have a big family, you can earn faster.

Submitting some receipts earns you a spin on “Hog Slots.” This is basically a chance to earn extra coins.

Unfortunately, that is where the good points finished…

The bad

My first issue is with having receipts accepted. Smaller receipts are generally fine (unless they get slightly crumpled), but large receipts can be an absolute pain. I do my weekly shop at Tesco online and they provide you with an A4 receipt. Trying to photograph this can be a real issue. Although the photo looks fine when you submit, they often reject it as being blurry. And when you check the returned receipt, it does indeed look blurry.

I have also had receipts returned as incomplete even when they weren’t. You can re-submit them and sometimes they accept them the 2nd time and sometimes they don’t.

receipt hog review

All-in-all, it can be a frustrating process, when it should be very simple.

There is also no refer a friend bonus currently on offer by Receipt Hog. Many apps will offer you a small reward if you can convince friends to join, but this one doesn’t.

The money

So, 1500 coins are equivalent to £5 in PayPal (Amazon vouchers cost more). The most you can earn for 1 receipt is 20 coins, as long as that receipt is worth over £100.

Let’s say your weekly grocery shopping came to just over £100 each time and you only submitted these receipts. It would take you almost a year and a half to reach £5.

You could try and cheat with Receipt Hog and split up your spending when in store so you receive more receipts. However, I’m sure they would soon clamp down on this.

Okay, so you won’t be just submitting your weekly shop receipts. But after 2 months, I have reached a grand total of 500 coins. That means I should reach £5 after 6 months. On average, I spend around 5 minutes per week faffing around with the app. It doesn’t sound like much, but over a 6 month period, that’s around 2 hours. So expect to earn around £2.50 per hour from this app.

receipt hog review

My Receipt Hog review conclusion

I hate to say it, but this is one to avoid. You’ll be pleased to know that Receipt Hog is not a scam, but it takes a lot of work. The amount of effort needed for the rewards you gain is just not worth it. There are better money making apps out there that can earn you far more.

If you want to brave it and make up your own mind, visit the Receipt Hog website.

Are there any apps like Receipt Hog?

If my Receipt Hog review has made you think that scanning receipts is a waste of time, it’s not. UK users should take a look at Shoppix for a much better alternative. By my calculations, you can earn rewards at almost 5x faster.

Shopprize UK also offers to reward you for photos of receipts. Unf

Or you could even try HuYu. Not quite as good as Shoppix, but still far better than Receipt Hog!

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  1. I’ve been with Receipt Hog for, well, I’m not sure how long… feels like forever and I’ve not cashed out yet! I totally agree with you. It’s not a money-maker and patience does run thin with it. I think I’ll keep going to the next cashout point then call it a day.

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