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Save Money

Negotiating a better deal could save you £100’s every year and usually only takes you a few minutes to do. There are plenty of ways to save money with very little effort. Take a look at some of the best options available.

TV & Broadband savings

Cheaper Alternatives to Sky

Fed up with paying too much for your television subscription? Then take a look at the alternatives available and how much they will cost you.

Cheaper Alternatives to Sky TV
Save over 50% on your Sky bill

Don’t want to switch away from Sky? Then why not negotiate a better deal? Follow these easy steps and you could cut your bills by half.

broadband router
Find a better broadband deal

Something that many of us take for granted. But prices between suppliers can differ by almost £20 per month. See how you can get a better deal.

Saving money on utility bills

Solar panel review

Could solar panels save you money?

Could this be a great way to save money and help the environment and a good way to cut bills?

reducing water bills

Ways to reduce your water bill

An essential service that you can’t shop around for. You can, however, reduce the amount of water you use.

octopus energy referral

£50 credit for switching to Octopus Energy

Are you paying too much for Energy? Octopus Energy will give you £50 credit for switching to them.

Saving money on hot water

Does leaving your hot water on constantly save money on your bills?

Reducing your tax bill

tax refund for uniforms

Uniform tax break

If you wear a uniform or work-branded shirt, you could claim uniform tax relief and may even be due a rebate.

tax-free childcare

Tax-free child care and vouchers

This is a must for any parent. Purchasing vouchers towards your child care can save 40%!

Working from home tax rebate

If you’re one of the ever-increasing number of people that work from home, you could be entitled to a tax rebate.

Holiday money saving

money saving florida

Tips for saving money in Florida

One of the most popular places for Brits to visit, but Florida certainly isn’t cheap. But there are ways to find better deals.

Travelling from Dover to Calais?

Fancy a trip to the near-continent? But should you travel by Eurotunnel or ferry? I have reviewed the positives and negatives of both and how you can save some money.

center parcs Erperheide

Center Parcs for less

Are you a fan of Center Parcs but find it too expensive? Then why not consider visiting one of their European resorts? Take a look at Erperheide and how much it could really save.

Work discounts

discounts for teachers

Discounts for teachers

Find some of the best discounts available to teachers and some support staff.

best discounts for nhs

Money off for NHS employees

Some of the best discounts available are for NHS staff. Take a look at what’s available.

blue light card

Blue Light Card

This is a popular discount scheme for emergency service workers and carers.

Loyalty schemes

Daily mail rewards

Daily Mail Rewards

Earn extra Nectar points every time you buy the Daily Mail and find other discounts with MyMail.

nectar doble up event

Sainsbury’s Double Up Nectar Event

Every year, Sainsbury’s offers you the chance to double the value of your Nectar points. But when is the next event?

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