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Where Is The Best Place To Sell My Phone?

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Wondering where is the best place to sell my phone? I’ve taken a look at some of the most popular sites to see where you can get the best price for your old phone.

So, who else gets a new phone and thinks this is the one? You unwrap the cellophane from the box, open it up and look on in awe. This phone is so much better than your old, why would you ever want to change it?

Then, a year down the line you start to get a bit bored with it and after another year, you hate it. Then you begin the process all over again. Now, this isn’t a particularly bad thing, except that phones seem to be getting more and more expensive.

But one way to help reduce the cost is by selling your old phone. But the issue is, where is the best place to sell your phone? I’ve taken a look at some of the best online options.


The world is your oyster, or so they say. eBay is by far the biggest marketplace which means the largest amount of potential customers. And because people try to outbid each other, it gives you far more potential to earn even more money for your old phone.

But eBay doesn’t come without its downsides. They take a rather hefty 10% fee on any sale you make. On top of this, you will probably have to pay a fee to PayPal too, which sometimes makes you wonder if eBay really is the best option. And eBay’s resolution policy for sorting out issues can be a little haphazard.

Plus, if you want to get the best price for your phone, you usually have to be an established eBay user with a good feedback rating.


Facebook marketplace is completely free to use. You will be mainly selling to local members, so there are fewer users compared to eBay. But as you don’t pay a fee, the amount you receive for your old mobile may be just as good. If selling through Facebook, I would recommend all sales are made in person and using cash. That way, the buyer can inspect your phone before purchasing and there’s no need to get a 3rd party involved.


Similar to Facebook, sales made through Gumtree won’t cost you a penny. However, with both sites, as there isn’t any kind of mediation service both sellers and buyers have to be more cautious with regards to being ripped off. Plus, buyers have a real habit of wasting your time on these sites. Prepare for a string of people to say that they will pop round in 2 days, only for you to never hear from them again.

Phone recycling sites

If you want the simple life, this is probably the way to go. You enter the make, model and condition of your phone onto their website and they give you a price. You are usually then sent a Freepost box which you can send them your phone in. And you only have to include your phone – no charger or box necessary. Once the recycling company has checked over your phone, you receive payment into your bank.

Bear in mind, it’s not always that simple. The phone recycling company will check over your phone and not always agree with you on what condition it’s in. That means they will end up sending you an offer much lower than you expected. But, if you disagree, say so and they have to return your phone.

In the past, I sold a phone to a company for £140. They contacted me to tell me it was water damaged and offered me just £55. I asked for my phone to be returned and sold it to another recycling company for £140 who thought it was fine.


What if my phone is faulty?

You can often sell your broken phone to recycling stores. Obviously, you won’t receive a great deal of money for it, but it’s better than nothing. You could try to sell a faulty phone on sites like eBay, but you have to rely on finding a buyer who knows how to fix it.

Who gives the best price for your old phone?

I chose 4 of the most popular phones in the UK and looked at 4 of the biggest phone recycling sites, plus eBay. I excluded Facebook and Gumtree as you can never see the final sale price of items.

The prices in the table are for unlocked phones that are in good condition.


Motarola Moto Z (32GB) £80 £40 £85 £40 £150
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (32GB) £186 £155 £170.50 £140 £225
Google Pixel XL (32GB) £200 £190 £200 £190 £215
Apple iPhone X (256GB) £720 £650 £650 £630 £745
As you can see, selling on eBay will always earn you the best price. However, if you deduct the 10% fees from the Apple and Google phones, then you may as well have sent your phone to musicMagpie. Only the Motorola phone would have earned you significantly more by selling privately.
From the phone recycling sites, musicMagpie generally gives the best price, but not in every case.
However, if you sell to Mazuma, you can receive 10% extra if you accept Argos vouchers as payment for your old phone.
Envirofone offers you 10% more too, but only to spend in their shop which is obviously quite limited.
Where should I sell my phone?
If you’re looking for the highest price and nothing else, then sell with eBay. But, due to fees, the highest price doesn’t necessarily mean the most money.
If you want a decent return and a slightly easier life, then try Facebook or Gumtree.
But if you want the easy option then try the recycling sites, with musicMagpie your first stop. But, take note of my story above, these sites don’t always give you an easy ride.
Tips for getting the best price for your old mobile
If you’ve reached this far… well done.

Here are a couple of tips to increase the amount you can receive for your phone.
Make sure your phone is unlocked. This can often be done for free or for a small price. Unlocking your phone means that any SIM card can be used with that phone. Find out more about unlocking your phone.

If you’re selling privately, try to find everything that you originally received with your phone. That will include the box, charger and any instructions. 2nd hand buyers often prefer to receive their goods as if they were buying new.

Good luck with your selling!

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