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Streetbees Review – A Legit Money-Maker?

Looking for a simple way to earn extra money from your phone? Then take a look at this Streetbees review to see if it’s safe to use and how much you can expect to earn from completing tasks.

10-second Streetbees review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Not a bad earning app. The tasks that you can complete from home are fairly simple and reasonably paid. However, better earnings come when you’re out and about. What lets it down is that some stories are rejected and it’s difficult to find out why.

streetbees app review
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Over the last few years, I’ve lost track of the number of ways I’ve tried to earn extra money. But some of my favourite ways have been through money-making apps.


I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure how I signed up to be a member of Streetbees. I have joined some of the best mystery shopping sites over the years, but this one seemed to have passed me by. There I was, minding my own business, when I got an email to say that there were tasks available for me. I hadn’t downloaded the app, so I have to assume that I joined the waiting list one evening when I was drunk.

Anyway, most sane people would ignore it and treat it as spam, but I decided to jump straight in. If I can smell money, I’m there!

What is Streetbees?

Taken from their app:

Complete cool stories for brands like Unilever, Vodafone, Loreal, Pepsi, Ferrero & Innocent. Just pick a story, answer the questions, and get paid. Simple.

In short, they’re a market research company that pays you for your opinion or for completing small tasks. Companies are keen to know your interests, habits and thoughts and Streetbees is a unique way of collecting this data – all from an app on your phone.

Is Streetbees safe?

Streetbees has its headquarters in London and has been operating since 2015. But they grown in popularity and now operate in 87 countries.

Having extra apps installed on your phone is always a concern. But Streetbees is GDPR compliant and has an up-to-date Privacy Policy.

However, I have changed the settings so that my location is only transmitted when I am using the app, otherwise the app can constantly track your whereabouts. Not that there’s any reason to distrust the app, but there are no advantages for the tracking to be on.

But as I always say when completing surveys, only give information you’re comfortable with sharing. After 2 years of using the Streetbees app, I have never had any issues.

How does it work?

When you register, you need to provide the following details:

  • Mobile phone number;
  • First name;
  • Last name;
  • Email address;
  • Country;
  • Language;
  • Date of Birth; and
  • Gender

Then, it’s a matter of waiting for live stories to appear on your feed.

a list of streetbees stories

Once they appear, you need to choose those that you think you might be a good fit for. And if you’re not sure, just start the story. Within a few questions, the app will let you know if you’re a suitable candidate or not.

The app is incredibly easy to use. On the front page is a live stories section, which lists the tasks (they’re referred to as live stories) you can complete and how much they’re worth. You are then asked a series of questions by a chatbot – if you’ve used the likes of Plum or Chip, you’ll know what I mean. Tasks usually take between 2 and 10 minutes and aren’t taxing.

Streetbees story sample

What kind of tasks are there?

There are 2 main types of tasks – mystery shopping and general stories.

Mystery shopping is more involved and will sometimes need you to buy a certain product. Some are store-specific, others aren’t. You will often be required to take several photos, including some in-store, some of the product and one of the receipt. Although they take a while, some can pay over £10. This usually covers the cost of the product and payment on top.

General stories can be paid… or not. If it isn’t paid, that usually means that it is a short story, looking for people who fit certain demographics. If you meet the requirements, it could lead to more paid stories.

A paid general story can relate to almost anything. Some of the things I have been asked about are:

  • Spending time with my cat;
  • Shaving (not my cat);
  • Watching TV;
  • Playing games;
  • Snacking;
  • Drinking;
  • Cooking;
  • Being healthy;

And many more. These stories are generally very simple and will ask you a list of questions and usually require a photo.

The bad

Of course, every app has a few downsides and Streetbees isn’t an exception.

There aren’t as many “live stories” as I would like but if there were, I could probably give up my day job!

When you submit a story, they aren’t always accepted. I spent almost 10 minutes with one which was rejected and you only find out by scrolling through your completed stories. You can submit a request to the ‘Queen Bee’ and ask what the rejection was for, but you don’t always get a clear answer.

Mystery shopping jobs can be a little awkward. Until you accept and start a story, you can’t be positive about what’s involved. That means you end up strolling around the shop, trying to figure out what you need to do. It would be far easier to have your plan sorted before you enter the store.

And my local Sainsbury’s has a terrible mobile phone reception – which makes it almost impossible to complete tasks.

For those of you that like to build up a big balance and withdraw it, you’ll be disappointed. Streetbees pays you for each task individually and automatically sends it to you.

And make sure you keep track of money owed to you, perhaps by keeping a screenshot. Although you are usually paid within a couple of days, it can take weeks. And unfortunately, your Streetbees app only shows you your completed stories for around 3 weeks.

How much can you earn with Streetbees?

Always the most important factor (for me anyway). Nearly all the tasks/questionnaires I have completed have taken under 5 minutes to finish. A couple of these have asked me to provide a photo of a receipt for a shopping trip I had completed earlier on in the day. However, these shopping trips were off my own back and I had not been tasked by Streetbees to complete them. They paid between £2-3.

Earnings from streetbees

The best paying survey I have seen was for dog owners which paid £10, but as I didn’t own a dog at the time, I couldn’t complete it.

I have also seen surveys in pubs that pay £7 and razor shopping tasks that pay £3.

Most of the tasks you complete from home pay between £1-£2.

Working out the time it takes to complete a survey and how much it pays, expect to earn the equivalent between £20-30 per hour.

How much you can earn in a month really depends on you, but I could easily earn over £30 in a month with little effort.

The money earned is paid into your PayPal account, usually within 1-2 days of completing the task.

Become an ambassador

If you fancy earning some more money, you can become a Streetbees ambassador. To undertake this role, you need to be:

  • Socially connected and able to influence people
  • Good with Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp
  • Have a spare 2 – 3 hours per week

All you need to do is spread the word about Streetbees to your friends and family and encourage them to take part in stories. You can even help with on-demand tasks and run social media campaigns.

And it’s simple. When you refer a friend, you receive a bonus. At the moment, Streetbees has over 2000 ambassadors across the world. If you decide that it may be for you, you can apply through the Streetbees website.

What other people say

Other reviews across the internet are a bit of a mixed bag. Whilst some users say it’s an easy way to make money, others complain of not receiving any surveys or tasks. Some users even complain that they were never paid for work completed.

I have had none of these issues when using the app.

My Streetbees review conclusion

I really like this app. It’s easy to use, the tasks are generally simple and it pays well, promptly. I always like to give a balanced review when looking at these apps so you don’t think I’m just getting you to sign up for anything and everything, however, this is a really worthwhile app.

Streetbees referral code

If you decide to give it a go, then please use my Streetbees referral code 7850SP.*

My total earnings so far (top right corner):

How much can you earn with Streetbees?

Apps like Streetbees

Why not take a look at a couple of alternatives too? The 2 apps below are great for a bit of mystery shopping from your phone.



Just a quick note to add that the pandemic has changed the app slightly. Most stories pay between 20 and 50 pence, although there are some £1 stories still there. However, there do seem to be far more paid opportunities, which is a bonus.


When does Streetbees pay?

You can usually expect to be paid within 1-2 days of completing a story. However, it can sometimes take over a week. If you haven’t received the money in this time, I would send Streetbees an email.

How do you delete your Streetbees account?

You can disable your account through the website or app at any time.

Is Streetbees legit?

Yes. This is an app used all over the world and regularly pays out.

*Please note that I will gain a small commission if you use my code.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.