how much can you earn from swagbucks?

How Much Can You Earn From Swagbucks?

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Swagbucks gives you the opportunity to earn extra from home by watching videos, searching the internet and completing surveys. But how much can you earn from Swagbucks?


One of my favourite sites (which is not exclusively a survey site) is Swagbucks. Here you can watch videos, search the web, install apps, answer questions and shop all in return for a  currency called (surprisingly) Swagbucks. When you have enough of these, you can then exchange them for vouchers which you can redeem at places such as Amazon, John Lewis, Argos or even PayPal.

Every day you are set a daily target and if you meet it you earn a bonus at the end of the month. The plus point to this site is the more effort you put in, the more rewards you get back. There are often boards you can complete (known as Swago boards), team competitions or other bonus opportunities. Hitting the daily target gives you something to aim for and you will soon find ways that you can earn your Bucks with minimal effort.
The good
There are plenty of easy opportunities to earn. If you’re earning through watching videos, you don’t have to pay much attention – running them from your computer whilst doing other things can boost your bucks. Swagbucks has special events which will give you a decent return for minimal effort.
There are some great special offers available. I earned £20 worth of Swagbucks points when I spent £5 on a trial.
The bad
Surveys don’t usually pay as well as other sites. That’s not always the case though, so it’s a case of being choosy. When you request a payout, it can sometimes take a couple of weeks for it to reach you.
Shopping through Swagbucks doesn’t usually pay as well as using a traditional cashback site such as TopCasback or Quidco.
Not all special offers that you complete will track, which can be frustrating.
The money
So, how much can you earn from Swagbucks? This really is a difficult one to calculate. But, if you find the right offers and surveys, expect to earn £4-5 per hour. Amazon vouchers cost less than PayPal, so consider this when exchanging your Swagbucks.
I average around £40-50 a month from this site, which helps to keep Christmas covered.
how much can you earn from swagbucks?

As you can see I’ve claimed £160 over 2 1/2 months.

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