Earn £50 In One Hour With The Task 360 App

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Looking for more ways to earn some extra money? Then the Task 360 app for the iPhone is certainly worth downloading.

I cover lots of different ways on this blog on ways to make extra money, and the Task 360 app is quite a fun, simple way to earn money. Think of it as a cross between mystery shopping and a survey site, similar to Field Agent.

Who is Task 360?

Task 360 is owned by The One Flat Earth Corporation Limited, a British company based in London. They have been operating since 2011.

Taken from the Task 360 website:

Task360 is an app-based data collection system. It enables people to earn money collecting data for Clients; and Clients to get data by paying people to collect it.

Simply put, they set you tasks, you complete them and then you get paid.

All you need to do is download the app onto your phone, and then wait until tasks become available in your local area. You then accept these jobs and you’re given a limited timescale to complete them.

The tasks are generally very simple. Some will require you to take a photo of an advert on a bus stop, whilst others may require you to go into a store. This may be to take a photo of a product or to ask a member of staff a question.

The Good

Task 360 review

The tasks are very quick to complete. If it’s a photograph, it will take you seconds. On average, you are paid around £5 for each task. Sometimes you will find lots of tasks within just a few minutes of each other, which means a decent income.

The job above involved taking photos of various advertising boards. In total, it took just over 45 minutes and was worth £50 in total.

The Bad

There aren’t a huge number of tasks available. This does depend on your location, but I usually receive notifications 2-3 times per month. Because they’re so few, you have to accept them quick, otherwise, somebody else will snap them up. If you live in or around a city, you should expect to see a lot more earning opportunities.

Depending on the number of tasks available, it may not be worth making a specific trip to complete the job. Spending money on a bus/parking for £5 may not be worth the effort.

Another downside to this app is that it is only currently available for iPhone users. This obviously cuts out a lot of potential users but hopefully, this will change in the near future.

The Money

This is quite difficult to quantify, as it depends on how many tasks are available, how far they are from each other and how much they pay. Generally though, expect to earn an average of £20-30 per hour when jobs are available.

My Task 360 review conclusion

This is a definite for downloading if you are serious about earning extra in your free time. Ok, so not every task is worth completing, but it’s a useful app to keep on your phone. Just remember to be quick though, as tasks are snapped up quickly.

Apple users visit here to download.

If my Task 360 review hasn’t convinced you, why not take a look at other ways to earn money?

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