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Tesco Clubcard Plus – Is It Worth The Cost?

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If you’re a regular shopper at Tesco, then the Clubcard Plus could be a tempting offer. But how much does it cost, what are the benefits and is it even worth it?

tesco clubcard plus

I’m sure many of you remember that back at the turn of the century, Tesco seemed close to taking over the world. They were the largest supermarket in the UK and there didn’t seem to be a product they didn’t offer. Not only did they start to offer financial products, but they were also expanding internationally.

Fast forward a decade or so and things weren’t looking so rosy. Shoppers had flocked to the likes of Lidl and Aldi and the expansion in the US had failed. The financial side has hit a slight rocky patch too, with Tesco no longer offering mortgages.

But, it appears that Tesco is trying to win shoppers back with their new offering, the Clubcard Plus.

What is the Clubcard Plus?

According to Tesco “Clubcard Plus is our way of thanking you for shopping with us”. Which isn’t that generous when you consider you have to pay for it.

Plus is a subscription service for Tesco Clubcard holders. It gives you money off your shopping and various discounts on other Tesco brands.

What are the Tesco Clubcard Plus benefits?

The major benefit is 10% off your Tesco shop twice per month (up to a maximum of £40 across the 2 shops).

Not only that, but you will earn 10% off certain brands at Tesco.

And finally, if you have a pay monthly mobile contract with Tesco, you can double your data for free.

Which brands are included in the Clubcard Plus discount?

Buying the following brand using your card at any time will give you a 10% discount.

F&F clothing

Fred & Flo (baby essentials)

Carousel (baby and toddler toys)

Tesco Pet products

Fox & Ivy (homeware)

Go Cook

clubcard plus is it worth it?

Can you choose your 2 big shops?

Yes, you can. Each month, Tesco will send you 2 big shop coupons to your Clubcard Plus App. When you pay, just scan the voucher for 10% off.

Double data from Tesco mobile

If you’re a pay monthly Tesco mobile customer, you will qualify for double your usual monthly data.

Any exclusions?

One or two… the following items are excluded from the discount:

Fuel and motoring-related products


Gift vouchers and gift cards

Savings stamps and postage stamps

Tobacco products and accessories

Infant baby formula milk

Prescription medicines

Newspapers and magazines

General merchandise, including:


Mobile phones, top-ups and accessories

Sports, bikes and camping

Car accessories and DIY

Luggage and bags

Media and entertainment



Gardening Equipment and BBQ

Stationery, cards and wrapping paper

Party accessories

Toys and nursery

Seasonal non-food

In-store third-party concession products

Bureau de change

Carrier bag charges

In-store café or coffee shop

Alcoholic drinks subject to 25% discount off 6 bottles

Can you shop online?

You will only receive a discount in-store with your Clubcard Plus. This may be due to the fact that the large supermarkets lose £5-7 with every online shop and they’re trying to encourage us to venture outside more.

How much does Clubcard Plus cost?

The monthly subscription will cost £7.99.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. There’s no minimum subscription period. If you don’t think it’s worth it, you cancel without penalty.

How do I cancel my Clubcard Plus subscription?

There is an option to cancel your subscription from your Clubcard Plus account through the app. But, if there are any problems you can Tesco on 0800 591 688.

Can I use Clubcard vouchers to pay for Clubcard Plus?

Unfortunately, you can’t. There are many things you can use your vouchers for, but this isn’t one of them.

Is Clubcard Plus worth it?

According to the Office of National Statistics, the average family spends £60.60 on food and non-alcoholic drink. And if you’re an average family, that will mean a discount of £6 on one shop using your Clubcard Plus. So, over one month you will save £12. After the subscription cost, you will be £4 better off.

Of course, you could always put off purchasing some items until you do one of your “2 big shops”, which will save you even more money.

You won’t see great value from the mobile offer. Currently, 4GB of data will cost you £10 per month. If you need double, 8GB will only cost £2.50 more. In fact, 20GB will only set you back £17.50. If you need more than 20GB, then an unlimited plan might be best for you.

If you purchase clothes, have lots of pets or a baby, then the 10% off Tesco brands will also be useful too.

Find out more by visiting the Tesco Clubcard Plus website.

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