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39 of the best money making apps in the UK in 2023

Looking to make money from your phone? Then take a look at some of the best money making apps in the UK so you can earn anytime when you’re out and about or even when you’re just sitting on your sofa.

The Best Money Making Apps In The UK

The highest paying apps in the UK

  • Qmee
  • Swagbucks
  • YouGov
  • Streetbees
  • BeMyEye
  • Roamler
  • Field Agent
  • Airtime Rewards
  • Vypr
  • MobileXpression
  • Ipsos iSay

I am always on the lookout for making some extra money. From survey sites to mystery shopping to side incomes, there are plenty of ways to boost your income. But one of the main issues to supplementing your wages is finding the time to do it. This is where using your phone comes into play.

The best money making apps in the UK

I’m the first to admit that I spend far too much time on my phone, much to the annoyance of my family. Most of the time, they think I’m texting or playing games, but in fact, I’m earning money.

Making money from your phone might not make you rich, but it’s an easy way to earn a bit extra. The trick is knowing the right apps to make you money with minimal effort. That’s why I have made a list of the best money-making apps.

Which genuine money making app is for you?

So, there are different types of apps that could make you money. Some pay smaller amounts but take very little effort, whilst some may require you to go out and about but will pay you far more. For the purpose of this post, I have broken the apps down into the following categories:

  • Surveys
  • Mystery shopping
  • Software
  • Cashback
  • Receipt scanning

Which apps pay for surveys?

If you’re looking for some of the best apps to make money fast and with a constant income stream, then you can’t go wrong with a survey app.


Not exclusively an app, you can also access Qmee from a web browser. But this is one of my favourite money-making apps. There are always plenty of surveys available and most of them pay quite well. There’s no minimum cash out either and money is paid straight into your PayPal account. Plus, you’ll get 50 pence extra after you complete your first survey.

Or take a look at my full Qmee review.


The Swagbucks app allows you to earn cashback when you shop, watch videos, search the web and play games. But most of your earnings will come from surveys.

There’s a generous referral scheme and once you earn enough Swagbucks, you can exchange them for PayPal or vouchers of your choice.

Or take a look at my full Swagbucks review.


yougov review

If you’re a seasoned survey taker, you have probably heard of YouGov before. However, they recently introduced their own app too.

Completing surveys will earn you points. Once you reach 5,000, they can be converted to £50, which can be transferred straight into your bank account. And look out for Flash Surveys. These quick surveys pay well, but they don’t hang around for long.

Or take a look at my full YouGov review.


An app that offers plenty of surveys, plus the chance to download and play games to earn extra. The minimum payout is only £4 and you can opt for cash or gift cards.

And Eureka says that 48% of members withdraw £4 to PayPal within a day. Use the code X9KPEF when you join for an 80p bonus.

Or take a look at my Eureka app review.


This app is very easy to use and pays you an average of 50 pence per survey. Once you reach £10, you can withdraw your earnings as an Amazon or Apple gift card.

Pick your surveys carefully though. Some are very short, whilst others can take as long as 20 minutes.


Another firm favourite. The OnePulse app gives you very short surveys (known as Pulses), usually lasting between 1 and 3 questions. Some Pulses reward you with money, others with XP. XP may seem pointless, but as that increases, so does how much you earn.

How much you earn per Pulse starts at $0.25 and increases to $0.41 as you gain more XP. Once you reach $5, you can withdraw your earnings into your PayPal account.

Or take a look at my full OnePulse review.

Ipsos iSay

i-say review

Ipsos iSay has a website and an app you can earn money from. You earn points for completing surveys which can then be exchanged for gift cards or gifts from the iSay marketplace.

This site differs from many others as you earn points even if you’re screened out of surveys. Plus, you are entered into prize draws, giving you the chance to win some decent gifts.

Another plus is that you are sometimes selected to trial products. That means points and free stuff!

Or take a look at my full iSay review.


Another decent survey site. OnePoll offers short surveys, although they are slightly longer than OnePulse. Pay ranges from 10 pence to £2, and times can take between seconds and 10 minutes.

Once you reach the minimum payment threshold £40 (£25 for established members), you can withdraw straight to your bank account.

Or take a look at my full OnePoll review.


Sometimes, we’re not interested in earning cash or Amazon vouchers. So how would you like a survey site that rewards you with gifts (or Argos gift cards if that’s your thing)?

Maximiles will reward you with points for completing surveys, which can then be exchanged on their marketplace for a range of gifts. Once ordered, you can expect it to arrive in the post within the next couple of weeks.

Plus, you can refer friends for bonus points.


Vypr is an app interested in your shopping habits. They provide you with ‘steers’ which ask you a simple question – usually whether you like a product or which flavour you prefer. For each question you answer, you’re awarded between 10-40 points. You can also answer steers with a video answer which means you 150 points. Once you reach 10,000 points, you’ll earn £5.

This is not a great earner, but simple and quick to do.


Bulbshare wants your opinion on a range of topics, often driven by what’s important in the news. Most of the time, you’ll need to write down your opinions, but occasionally they’ll ask for videos. Most of the topics will earn you an entry into a prize draw for £50 but some will pay you cash.

I managed to earn £10 from around 10 minutes of work from Bulbshare a short while ago. Since then, I regularly receive short surveys that pay £1 and others with the opportunity for prize draws, which I never do. My motto is I don’t go to work with a chance to get paid, so I won’t do surveys with a chance to win.

Make sure you use the invite code UsWTAwv when you join.

Curious Cat

Obviously created by someone with an odd obsession for cats, this survey site is great for those on the move. How much you can earn with Curious Cat varies greatly; you must check surveys carefully. You can earn 10 pence for a 10-minute survey or £1.50 for 5 minutes. There doesn’t seem to be any consistency, but fortunately, you can see how long and what each survey pays before you start. With a minimum of £1 cash out, this is a good site for dipping in and out of.

Or take a look at my full Curious Cat review.


This app has similar payment levels to Curious Cat but doesn’t have quite so many surveys. And the minimum cash out is £3. But don’t let that put you off. It’s still an app worth looking at, especially when combined with other survey apps.

Or take a look at my full AttaPoll review.


MSR (also known as the Measure Protocol app) offers short surveys in return for points. Once you reach enough points, you can exchange them for cash through PayPal or for a voucher.

A little slow going as you don’t receive many surveys, but it does pay well for what you receive. You can even recommend friends and earn 20% of what they do.


Appinio is not only a survey site but a community too. You’ll get to answer surveys set by Appinio in exchange for points. These points can then be swapped for Amazon vouchers, PayPal cash or a charity donation.

If you have a burning question, you can set polls for other users to answer or return the favour to others. There’s also a referral scheme on offer.


This is another great app for people short on time. You’ll receive quick surveys that usually last a minute at most. For your time, you’ll be rewarded with cash that is more or less paid instantly into your PayPal account.

The only issue is you may only get a couple of surveys each week.


Although sold as a survey app, in truth, the surveys are quite poorly paid. However, InboxPounds does allow you to make some decent money by signing up for new services and apps. Although you sometimes have to spend a small amount of money for some of these services, you can usually make a tidy profit.

Which apps pay for mystery shopping?

If you’re looking for apps that make money, then mystery shopping is often a fun way to go about it. Here are some of the best on the market.


streetbees app review

This is probably my favourite way of making money from my phone. Not only is it interesting, but it also pays well too.

Throughout the week, various topics will appear in the Streetbees app. Select a topic, answer various questions through a chatbot and get paid. Pay usually ranges from £1-£3 and the topics, on average, take around 5 minutes.

Sometimes, you’ll be asked questions when you’re out and about shopping or having lunch out, but there are plenty of chances to earn from home too. I am often asked to share pictures of my dinner, my cat’s dinner or photos of what I am drinking. Make sure you use the code 7850SP when you join.

Or take a look at my full Streetbees review.


This is an app ideal for anybody who wants to start mystery shopping.  A map will show you the various tasks available in your area and clicking on the location will give you the mission instructions and how much you can earn. Expect to answer questions about shop displays and take photos of shop shelves. Depending on what’s involved, you can earn anything between £2 and £20. Use the code wvq9p3 and we’ll both receive £1 when you complete your first mission.

Or take a look at my full BeMyEye review.

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Roamler offers short mystery shopping tasks from your phone. The more tasks you complete, the more XP you earn which gives you access to even more earning opportunities. Pay is usually only a few pounds, but the tasks are quite short. You can often find jobs in close proximity to each other, which means you can earn in excess of £20 per hour.

Or take a look at my full Roamler review.

Field Agent

These jobs usually require you to visit a supermarket and share your experience. Tasks shouldn’t take you any longer than 30 minutes and usually pay between £5 and £10.

Or take a look at my full Field Agent review.


This is known as a ‘micro-task’ site. These tasks usually pay in the region of $15 – $100 (yes, you’re paid in US$) and may involve submitting videos of your pets, attending online focus groups or completing a diary about your laundry habits.

This app has the potential to be a big earner, but you need to be quick. All the tasks have a limited capacity, so you can’t guarantee that you’ll get to take part.

Which apps pay for downloading software?

If you want more of a passive income from your phone, then these money earnings apps are a great option.


Mobilexpression review

This is an app that will earn you a ‘passive income‘. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it simply means you earn money without having to do much.

With MobileXpression, you need to download software to your device, a smartphone or a tablet. Once installed and running, the software measures how you use your phone. But it’s important to note that MobileXpression doesn’t access personal information such as photos and the contents of your messages.

Within two weeks of using MobileXpression, you’ll earn yourself a £10 Amazon voucher (although occasionally, a special offer increases this to £20). After that, the rewards slow down and are only worth between £5-£10 per month.

Or take a look at my full MobileXpression review.


This is an app that pays you to watch short videos and adverts and then answer a couple of short questions. Most videos are only 15 seconds long and anything you earn will be paid into your PayPal account.

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Why not take a look at other ways to make money from watching TV and videos?

Skedadle app

Skedadle was created to encourage sustainable travel. Play games on the app whilst using public transport, ride-sharing or walking and you’ll be rewarded with cash. This can be withdrawn straight into your bank.

Use the code VEBUL when you join or click on the button below to earn a bonus £1.50.

Make Money

Probably the least imaginative name ever, the Make Money app pays you for clicking through to other apps. Most of these are games which will reward you with points when you reach a certain level. You can also sign up for trials – some free and some paid. Once you reach a certain number of points, you can withdraw cash to your PayPal account. Use the code VIQ99S when you sign up and you’ll be rewarded with extra credits.

Or take a look at my full Make Money review.


If you’re an active person or looking for motivation to get out and about more, then Sweatcoin may appeal to you.

Sweatcoin rewards you with coins for every step you take (reminds me of a certain song). You can also earn a daily bonus plus extra for referring your friends.

You can exchange your coins for discounted items and services or use them to enter auctions.

Or take a look at my full Sweatcoin review.

Which apps earn you cashback?

If you’re looking for some easy apps to earn money, then downloading some of these cashback apps will help you on your way.

Airtime Rewards

Airtime rewards review

This app was a little difficult to categorize and possibly should have a home of its own. However, I have decided to tag it in the software section. This app is one of the simplest ways to make money. Simply link your credit or debit card to the app, make a purchase in one of the listed shops and you’ll earn cashback.

Once you reach £10, you can put your earnings towards your phone bill. That’s right, your Airtime Rewards account can be linked to your phone account to help reduce your bill.

Use the code 8YXY4BLK when you join and you’ll receive free credit.

Or take a look at my full Airtime Rewards review.


This app is aimed at anybody who wishes to pay off their mortgage early. It works in two ways. First, it uses AI to analyse your bank account and calculate how much you can afford to overpay each week. Second, it allows you to purchase giftcards for major stores, which earns you cashback. This can be as much as 10%.

Take a look at my full Sprive review.


Probably the biggest and best-known cashback app on the market. All you need to do is click on a link from the TopCashback app before you make a purchase at one of 1000’s of stores listed. You’ll then earn a certain percentage of your purchase back in the region of 0.5% – 20%.

The money you earn can be withdrawn in cash or as a gift card.


Quidco is TopCashback’s biggest rival in the shopping world. The app works in exactly the same way and offers an almost identical service. In fact, they offer cashback for an identical list of stores.

The only reason why you need to download both of these apps is the fact that you’ll see different rates. One may offer a cashback rate of 5%, while another offers 10%. Rates change regularly, so it’s worth checking both apps.


This is a cashback app with a difference. Instead of clicking on a link before you make a purchase, JamDoughnut allows you to buy a gift card for your chosen store. But with this gift card comes reward points, which can then be exchanged for cash.

If you want to try it out, follow the link below and use the code O8ZG. You’ll get 200 points (£2) after you make your first purchase.

Which apps pay for receipt scanning?

Did you know that there are apps that pay you for scanning receipts or purchasing certain items? Hare are some of the best.


Shopmium receipt scanning

Food and drink companies are forever introducing new products into the market to attract our custom. But what’s one of the best ways to get us hooked on one of their latest offerings and turn us into loyal customers? By giving us free or heavily discounted items.

Each week (or sometimes two), Shopmium provides you with a list of items on offer at a particular supermarket. Once you see something you like, make your purchase, scan the receipt and submit your claim. You’ll receive money in your PayPal account within a couple of days.

If you fancy joining, use the promo code AMUAFFUR for a free gift (currently a pack of Pringles).


Another app that has a great choice of products to choose from, including alcohol. Like ClickSnap, most of the offers from CheckoutSmart hover around the 50% off mark.

Any money you earn will be paid into your PayPal account. However, it’s important to note that there is a fee of 5% if you withdraw under £20.


GreenJinn generally doesn’t have as many offers compared to the above apps, but it does have more stores. For example, you can find discounts at Amazon and Boots.

Again, you scan the receipt after you buy the product and wait for the money to be paid into your PayPal account.

Apple users can download here

Android users can download here


shoppix review

Shoppix is a company that wants to know all about your shopping habits. The app is very simple to use. Every time you make a purchase, take a photo of your receipt through the app and submit it. You’re then awarded with points which can then be traded in for PayPal cash or vouchers.

You can also earn extra points by answering surveys, sending in your e-receipts and referring friends.

Use the promo code 7IRN5UVK when you join for bonus points.


The clue is in the title of this app. SnapMyEats wants to know what you’re eating. Like the apps above, all you need to do is take a photo every time you purchase food – whether it’s from a supermarket, cafe or restaurant. For every five receipts you send, you’ll receive £1. Once you hit £10, you can claim an Amazon voucher.


Storewards is one of the newest receipt scanning apps on the market. Like its competitors, scan your receipts in return for coins. Once you reach enough coins, you can exchange them for PayPal or Amazon vouchers.

You can earn extra coins by linking your email and Amazon accounts, although I’m not a big fan of sharing that data. Plus, it doesn’t pay that much for the trouble.

Amazon Shopper Panel

Is there anything in the world that Amazon won’t turn its hand to? Their Shopper Panel app allows you to scan ten receipts per month in exchange for £5 worth of Amazon vouchers. But 10 is your limit.

You can occasionally earn more by completing short surveys.

You can also take a look at my post for the best receipt scanning apps.

Which are the best apps to make money in the UK?

My favourite apps money earning apps, not in any particular order, are:

  • i-Say
  • YouGov Direct
  • Shopmium
  • OnePulse
  • Streetbees

But the more apps you join, the better the chance you have to earn… and finding the apps most suitable for you.

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