best place to buy park tickets for Orlando, Florida

The Best Place to Buy Park Tickets for Orlando, Florida

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Looking for the best place to buy park tickets for Orlando, Florida? I’ve taken a look at some of the top sites to see where you can find the best deal.

So you’ve done all the hard work in booking your holiday to Florida. You have your hotel, flights and car sorted. Then you remember to book your park tickets, and this is where you fall out of your chair.

The fact is, park tickets in Orlando are expensive. Disney may pretend that you’re getting a good deal with 14 days for the price of 7, but the truth is, you’re not. 14 day tickets have always been a similar price to 7. Plus, the longer you’re in the park, the more you’ll spend.

The question is, where is the best place to buy park tickets for Florida? Search google and you will find ads for loads of companies, with most of them guaranteeing the cheapest price. But where should you go first?

I took a look at several companies to see which offered the best prices. These prices are based on 2 adults and 2 children.

Disney 14 day park hopper Universal 3 park explorer Disney & Universal combo
Disney £1436 N/A N/A
Universal N/A £912 N/A
Attraction Tickets Direct £1476 £876 £2314
Florida Tix £1476 £854 £2284
Orlando Attraction Tickets £1392 £826 £2148
Orlando Ticket Deals £1448 £852 £2252
So, where is the best place to buy park tickets for Orlando, Florida?
As you can see, Orlando Attraction Tickets offer the cheapest prices across the board (correct Nov 2017). That doesn’t mean they will always be the cheapest though, so make sure you check all the sites.
But before you rush off and buy your tickets though, take a look at some points you need to consider below.
When do I buy my tickets?

The price we get our tickets for partly relies on exchange rates. Unless you’re a financial genius, don’t try and second guess the markets. Purchase them when you want. The majority of companies will take a deposit from you and then bill the rest closer to your holiday date.


Don’t pay too much attention to the ‘extras’ thrown in. Many companies offer items such as a free Florida Mall Discount Card that will save you $$$. The truth is, you can usually pick these kinds of things up for free when you’re out there.

Combo tickets

This is where you can look at finding some better discounts. Combine different parks and you could save money.

Choose your parks wisely

Don’t feel like you have to buy tickets for every park. Although it would be nice, it would also cost a fortune. The majority of parks offer several days worth of entertainment, so 3 or 4 parks should be enough for a 2 week holiday.
If you have younger children, I would recommend the Disney parks first. There’s plenty of entertainment and rides to keep little one’s attention for a long time.
Universal is more appropriate for older kids and teenagers. Although there are rides for smaller children, I don’t think they can match Disney.
Other parks such as Busch Gardens and Sea World are aimed at all ages.

Take a look at current prices from Orlando Attraction Tickets.


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